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Posted by George Wong on October 10, 2020

Wilson Willy Saidul, better known as Punca, was an average joe making his way through the rigmarole of typical adult life - a nine-to-five job to pay the bills, and gaming in his spare time. Like a lot of other streamers, his tale began in a similar manner: giving a streaming a shot, finding out they were good enough to keep a consistent audience, and then making the transition to do it full-time.

Tune in to any one of Punca’s streams and you can instantly recognize the amount of enthusiasm and passion he puts into his work. Be it unboxing a gaming chair on camera, going through the motions of a PUBG Mobile match, or chilling with chat with dramatic background music - the ex-waiter from Papar, Sabah gives it his all, every time.

For those of you wondering how he got his name - it started as a nickname from his friends he played Dota 2 with, who playfully called him “Punca Kekalahan” (the cause of their loss) after losing a game - ironic, considering he’s usually the one carrying his teammates to victory. Ever since then, the handle stuck with him and he’s been using it since. While he may not be the cause of anybody’s losses, he’s definitely the source of entertainment for his diehard viewers on a daily basis.

Punca used to stream Worm Zone and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but eventually returned to PUBG Mobile - the game that started it all, and also his favourite game to play. The reason he loves the game: it requires a lot of skills, the scene is well supported with many tournaments, and he loves interacting with other people in the game. Since then, he’s found plenty of success, credit to his skills at the game as well as his captivating commentary. Wilson’s journey to becoming a full-time streamer was a road fraught with obstacles. His biggest challenge was stepping out of his reserved shell: “I am an introverted person at first and I'm not a really good dancer. However, there are a lot of requests from my viewers and one of them is for me to dance. So, I braced myself and danced with all of my might to entertain my viewers,” said the shy 24-year-old Sabahan.

Punca's dance skills

Of course, climbing out of his shell wasn’t all he had to do - he still needed to show off his gameplay skills, and that he wasn’t punca kekalahan. “The point where I realize that I could become a successful streamer is through my gameplay skills as well as entertaining people at the same time. In my opinion, these two components are the most important things to become a successful streamer,” he recalls. Fun fact: Punca’s team came third at the PUBG Mobile Sabah National Championship - he was very close to being an esports athlete!

Even when he knew what to do, success didn’t come overnight for Wilson. He spent his time streaming to nobody before he grew a community of his own. “The beginning of streaming is the most challenging for me throughout my streaming experience. This is because I am a no-name streamer at first, so it is expected that no one is viewing my live stream and I have to be strong especially on my mental strength. To be honest, the best moment of my streaming career is when eGG Network contacted me to become a partner with them. It felt as though my streaming career all of this time has been acknowledged.” His two years of hard work has paid off.

Since joining the GG Program, Punca’s stream has been steadily growing. Thanks to the support of his fans, he can focus on creating content instead of worrying about having an audience to watch his stream. “Showcasing good gaming skills and entertaining the viewers at the same time is the key to grow as a streamer. Be passionate and never give up no matter how hard the challenges are.”

Looking back, the 24-year-old has no regrets leaving his waiting career, thanks to the support of his family and friends on his adventure. Most importantly, he thanks his fans for their undying support and love. “For my fans from the beginning until now, I want to express my deepest gratitude towards all of you because, without my fans, there will be no Punca XGaming. I want to thank all of you for your endless support which motivated me a lot. See you guys, goodbye my friend. Okay bah kalau kau!”

When asked about his decision to stream, he mentioned that he was inspired by other streamers who had found success in this career - namely, Fredo Sameon, XK Penjahat, Obot Gaming, FattahZie Gaming and lastly the most popular FPS shooter, Shroud. 

In addition to playing games, Punca can be found fishing when he’s not busy slaying noobs on the battlefield of Miramar, Erangel or Sanhok. He also has big dreams of starting his own line of merchandise in the future. In the meantime, you can see him continuously trying out new ideas to keep his stream fresh and interesting. If he keeps up this momentum and drive to improve, he’ll turn into a superstar streamer in no time.

Punca XGaming streams daily from 2pm onwards, catch him live on Facebook.

If you’re a small-time streamer hoping to break into the big leagues like Punca one day, be sure to check out our GG Program to take your Facebook stream to the next level!


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