Team Bosskurr PUBG Mobile: Ready for the next level of PMPL MY/SG Season 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 28, 2021

It’s an interesting turn of events when a coach takes up another equally important role as a player of his team. Then again, if any team are as dedicated as Team Bosskurr to bring their gameplay to the next level, they’d follow suit without second-guessing it. 

With Team Bosskurr returning to compete in a major tournament like the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021 (PMPL MY/SG Season 3), they’ve been doing everything they can to bring their gameplay to the next level and be on par with other top-tier professional teams.

These are the bosses running the show in Team Bosskurr:

Hannan Hamzah "Hannan" bin Abdullah - IGL/Manager/Coach
Rizki Hidayat “Zee” Abd Mutalib - Support
Muhammad Fikri Adli “Ngah” bin Md Nizam - Support
Azfar Iqbal “Azfarz” bin Zulfahrizal - Scouter

When last season’s PMPL MY/SG ended, “we discussed how we can improve for the next PMPL. We figured that Hannan becoming a player on the team would be good,” said Rizki Hidayat “Zee” Abd Mutalib, who was the captain prior to Hannan taking on the position. They also let go of previous members Sam and Mozarto right after the conclusive round, citing their less-than-stellar performance. Despite the tough decision, they had a mutual understanding and remained friends to this day.

Fortunately, Hannan becoming a teammate of the then-three-man squad was nothing akin to shocking a boiled egg in an ice bath. “I actually played in a lot of scrims with them last season, so we’re already familiar with each other,” the in-game leader explained. Hannan’s added responsibility allows him to see from the perspective of his squadmates, changing the way he educates them. “I developed more tolerance and understanding now because I can see more details than before.”

Beyond coaching: Hannan's achievement for Super Weekend 1 Match 5. "We play as a team, and we achieve together." - Zee

Azfarz felt that having the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)/PUBG PC pro player on board made the team stronger, with fellow teammate Ngah echoing his sentiments. “There’s definitely a lot of difference from last season. We’ve improved a lot in terms of discipline, communication and teamwork,” Ngah elaborated. 

The scouter also personally learnt to not look murung (saddened) in front of his buddies when they don’t perform well, especially times like getting knocked out too soon. “If you feel sad, keep it to yourself first, because it would affect the team’s morale. Only when you’re done for the day, then you can let it all out,” Ngah said with a laugh.

Instead of training every single day, Team Bosskurr places more emphasis on a balanced schedule, training every weekday and participating in afternoon and night scrims. They used to scrim nights and midnights, but not anymore, because they’re already exhausted when late night arrives. “We didn’t get any good outcomes from midnight scrims, so we might as well get more rest (by missing out on them),” Hannan revealed. 

(left to right) Hannan, Zee, Ngah and Azfarz; their first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in Super Weekend 1.

Every boat floats differently, and for the soldier boys of Team Bosskurr, having the time to watch films, skateboard, and even play other games like Dota 2 and Apex Legends - Ngah is a Bangalore main - are equally as important. “It helps to clear the tension and stress from playing PUBG Mobile, even if it’s just a moment’s break from it,” said Hannan, who plays Dota 2 unranked with his friends to unwind.

Team Bosskurr injects their relatively easy-going attitude into their competitive side as well, with the four-man group preferring to compete against themselves instead of other players. “We focus on how we can improve ourselves in between games, and learn how we can minimise our mistakes,” said Hannan.

Plus, regardless of their roles, they are pretty flexible to the point that each of them are almost multi-role players. “Whoever gets the most kills this round won’t necessarily have the most kills again in the next one, it could be any one of us.” They play according to the situation, and everyone has an equal chance of playing offensively or defensively.

After training for so long, Zee feels that Team Bosskurr is ready to go up against the pro teams of PMPL MY/SG Season 3, particularly Team Whales. Hannan justified that “our drop spots are always near them during scrims”, not to mention that they’re aggressive, so they can’t wait to see how they’ll fare against the former Team Secret roster.

“I want to say thank you to friends of Team Bosskurr, including families, for supporting us,” Ngah expressed, on behalf of the team. “Don’t forget to support us in PMPL MY/SG Season 3! InsyaAllah, we’ll do the best we can for you guys.”

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PMPL MY/SG Season 3 began 24 March, running every Wednesdays to Sundays at 5.30PM (GMT +8) daily, broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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