Vokey: Streamer moonlights as a first-class pro player

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 2, 2020

The Facebook Gaming streamer was discovered by one of his idols, leading him to hop on the PUBG Mobile esports train.

The PUBG Mobile Professional League Southeast Asia Finals Spring Split (PMPL SEA Finals) 2020 is currently in full swing, with the region’s top 16 teams facing off for a chance to represent SEA in the upcoming PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Spring Split 2020 East Division. Although Malaysia’s very own Resurgence MY didn’t make the cut, it remains an impressive feat that they successfully squeezed onto ninth place in the Grand Finals of PMPL MY/SG (Malaysia/Singapore) 2020, in which Vokey - sniper/support for Resurgence MY - played a part. It was only the second major tournament that he participated in.

Entering the big league

“I felt challenged going up against teams (like Yoodo Gank and Team Secret),” said Muhammad Imran “Vokey” Bin Rosli, adding that it spurred him to do better. He admitted that his initial play style leaned more towards shooting enemies on sight, but after adapting to PMPL MY/SG’s high-intensity matches, the fledgling esports player now looks for vantage points before engaging. “I learned to become a more tactical player.”

Vokey’s shooting prowess originated from his love for shooter games, gunning down enemy players in the Counter-Strike series at Internet cafes. He found his success in PUBG Mobile shortly after obtaining a phone powerful enough to play the game, which he excelled at quickly. This led him on the path of streaming inspired by his idol streamers: fellow teammate Muhammad Mukhriz “IronPRO” Lutfi Bin Fariq Adlan, and Trixnity of Bapak Ah Esports. “When I saw Trixnity joining the esports scene, it made me think of trying out to play professionally.”

Surging forward

At the time of the interview, Vokey has been a bona fide professional PUBG Mobile player for six months. But, he actually started his gaming career as a Facebook Gaming streamer mid last year, which was also how he got the chance to join the Malaysian branch of Singaporean esports team, Resurgence. “When the opportunity presented itself to me, I just had to take it.” Discovered by none other than his idol and now teammate, IronPRO, Vokey was invited to the team after the more seasoned player was impressed by his gameplay on-stream, especially his signature “solo versus squads” streams where he plays as a sole player against other enemy teams.

(Left to right) IronPRO, Alexis “SmallBoY” Aw Chee Loong, Vokey and Jay “Y2K” Lim Jarn Jiang

“We trusted IronPRO’s suggestion for Vokey to join the team and polished a diamond in the rough,” said Aaron “Qontra” Chan, Resurgence MY’s operations manager. “Beneath Vokey’s loud and charismatic persona, is a professional that works very hard in honing his craft to become a better player and even entertaining his viewers via his streams.”

Qontra even recalled Vokey’s dedication to the game was evidenced by him walking all the way to the nearest fast-food restaurant to use its WiFi to play every day. “He’s an extremely gifted player that has the potential to grow and succeed.”

Double O

Now, the diamond they took in shines brighter than ever, thanks to the facilities, management, and experience that Resurgence MY has blessed him with. It’s no wonder that Vokey and his teammates were able to advance to the Grand Finals of PMPL MY/SG 2020, despite going up against top-tier teams including his favourite team, Yoodo Gank. “Jumper is my role model because he’s tactically a good player and a very hard worker,” the 20-year-old said.

But you know what they say, all work and no play makes Vokey a dull boy, and it’s a mindset that he also incorporates into his dual career. “As a streamer, I’m more focused on creating good content so I don’t take myself too seriously on-stream,” such as pulling off pranks on random players, “solo versus squads”, and playing with his supporters and viewers. “When I’m playing competitively, I’d be extremely focused on my gameplay.”

Vokey’s big break in the gaming scene wouldn’t have been possible without his biggest supporters: his parents. “Even though I told them I didn’t want to further my studies, they trusted my judgment and allowed me do what I want,” he remembered, having finished his course at the Pahang Engineering Matriculation College (Kolej Matrikulasi Kejuruteraan Pahang) before settling on his full-time gaming career. And most importantly, it’s thanks to his dedication and good work ethic that he’s managed to come this far, something that budding esports players can learn from.

“Do your best and take training seriously,” the PUBG Mobile pro player advised. “Even if you lose a lot, don’t feel discouraged by it. Learn from your mistakes and never give up.”

Hang out with Vokey during his downtime from the pro leagues on Facebook Gaming every day, from 12PM - 4PM.


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