PMPL MY/SG Grand Finals: Team Secret & Last Survivor R2K win 3 chicken dinners

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 14, 2020

The underdog team defeated Yoodo Gank and Team Secret to be the last men standing twice on PMPL Grand Finals Day 2.

Day 2 of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Spring Split 2020 Grand Finals pushed the envelope further in subverting expectations and delivering top-notch thrills. Aside from Team Secret staying in the lead after winning their third chicken dinner in Miramar, close behind them are the popular Yoodo Gank and underdog team Last Survivor R2K, with the latter scoring two more Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD) on Day 2 alone.

"We are over the moon!" exclaimed Siti "Maira" Umairah, the manager of Last Survivor R2K whom the boys affectionately named "Mummy". "I have seen them grown so much from Day 1 of PMPL MY/SG League Season. Their chemistry, communication, post mortem with each other just keeps getting better day by day."

Match 1 - Vikendi

Bigetron AROV won their first cold yet extremely satisfying WWCD in snowy Vikendi, in a remake match (or rematch) after Team No Recoil's Steward9k got stuck in the game lobby due to an in-game bug. Facing off against Team Secret and Yoodo Gank in the last circle, Bigetron AROV sans captain Boyka first knocked out the Malaysian fan favourite - with Secret joining in the fun as well - before a close-call gunfight ensued between them and Team Secret, who was without captain BiuBiu. Nonetheless, Bigetron won by a close shave after trading bullets with the leading team, scoring a whopping 13 total kills and a chicken dinner.

Match 2 - Miramar

You too would be happy to know that Yoodo Gank bagged their second WWCD of the Grand Finals! Rotating nicely into the later stages and picking their fights wisely, they managed to snake their way and reach the final few circles, where they rushed Axis MPX (who was in the circle) to claim the highly-coveted spot. It was also arguably Yoodo Gank's most comfortable last few minutes, as Dingoz MZ shot down third-placer two-man Team Secret (who has been in gunfights since the early part of the match) before getting scoped out and rushed by Yoodo, with an awesome score of 13 kills.

Match 3 - Erangel

Although the unorthodox first circle in the northeast may have thrown off many players, despite landing in the far south, N.E.D Brotherhood successfully outsmarted it and other players to win their first ever Grand Finals WWCD, securing fourth place in the overall standings. In the top 3 showdown, it was between three-man N.E.D, lone Bigetron AROV's Boyka (who just wiped out the remainder of Yoodo Gank with Hijrah) and the remaining pair of Last Survivor R2K. Boyka bowed out first after being targeted by both teams, with a close-call battle ensuing between N.E.D and Last Survivor before the former emerged victorious.

Match 4 - Sanhok

Sanhok has a way of getting the blood boiling for players, with teams this round playing aggressively to take out their competition, ending with Last Survivor R2K winning their second WWCD. Entering the fourth circle, Last Survivor surprised gatekeepers Bapak Ah Esports as Zykz wiped out the remainder of Bapak. As we counted down to the last three, sole TARA Proyecto X player, xArm, hid patiently in the grass before getting hit by three-player Last Survivor, a huge boost for their placement. Then, Yoodo Gank's Jumper tried to throw a grenade galore at Last Survivor, but in vain - thus, Last Survivor manages to overwhelm the last Yoodo player.

Match 5 - Miramar

Team Secret is officially the kings of Miramar in Malaysia, winning their third WWCD in the same sandy map with an insane tactic that knocked our bulletproof socks off. Despite losing Uhigh and Madtoi midway, BiuBiu and IShotz managed to secure a hilly area in the circle, holding off XPERT MY and ESG Gaming before the next circle revealed itself to be in XPERT MY's favour. As the in-circle team tried to discourage their opponents from entering by throwing a barrage of grenades, Team Secret pulls off a surprise play: driving their car and storming XPERT MY's makeshift fort to wipe out the three-man team.

Match 6 - Erangel

It's a welcome surprise to witness Last Survivor R2K surprising everyone with their second WWCD of the day, totaling up to three WWCD on par with Team Secret, who placed second this round. Gatekeepers are in abundance throughout this match, as full-squad Last Survivor held their fort while pressuring the other teams. With three-player Last Survivor, two-member Yoodo Gank and two-man Team Secret left, BiuBiu and IShotz downed the Malaysian fan favourites before the two remaining teams embarked on a no-holds-barred battle where the literal bigger team of Last Survivor R2K came out on top.

"Going in as a team without any assistance in sponsorship or coach makes reaching here a really big achievement for us," said Maira. "We are honoured to have a supportive family, friends, clan members and the Malaysian PUBG Mobile community for supporting us and loving us all the way."


Apart from previous runner-up Team No Recoil dropping four spots onto sixth place, even Dingoz MZ fell two spots down onto seventh place. On the other hand, the most impressive improvement thus far is evident in Bigetron AROV, leaping from 11th place all the way to fifth place.

The PMPL MY/SG 2020 Grand Finals concludes tomorrow at 12PM. Don't miss the action on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page!


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