Apex Legends Season 7, the biggest yet introduces new map Olympus and Trident vehicle

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 2, 2020

It's that time of the year again - the arrival of a new Apex Legends season and Season 7 looks like it's bringing the largest update yet. The new update will introduce to Respawn's battle royale - a new map, vehicles, Legend and more!

A place for Legends

After more than a year of King's Canyon and three seasons of World's Edge, it's about time that we get a swanky new map in the latest season of Apex Legends, and there's simply nowhere better than Olympus.

The all-new Apex Legends playground is a floating, sprawling city that rests amongst the clouds, a beautiful monument that's bound to get ugly once every player jumps in. It's a refreshing change in scenery after the industrial settings of the previous two, where instead of getting "too soon"-d on the grassy or muddy ground, you'll be greeted with polished white floors, plenty of sunlight and modern skyscrapers that tower over your deathbox.

Size-wise, it's bigger than King's Canyon and a tad bit smaller than World's Edge, but since it's a supposedly rich area where trains are for peasants and only juveniles use ziplines (not canon ... maybe?), there's naught but one way to get around a bourgeoisie area:

Not a three-pronged spear, but it fits three-man squads

The Trident is arguably the biggest highlight of Apex Legends Season 7, marking the debut of a vehicle in the Titanfall universe game. Though you won't be able to run down your opponents with the Trident (that would make it too easy), you and your squad can rotate the expansive map with ease.

Even if it's not a death machine by default, you can make it so depending on the Legends you use. For example, Rampart's Emplaced Minigun can be attached on top of the Trident, or even Gibraltar's dome shield and Caustic's gas traps for defensive purposes. Not only does it encourage you to use these Legends more, but the Trident is a tool of experimentation that allow every Legends' abilities to work in tandem with each other.

New beginnings on the Horizon

As per Apex Legends tradition, a new Legend is coming to Season 7 - introducing, Horizon, a Scottish scientist who learned to harness the power of black holes and gravity. Although her ability names remain unknown, we've caught glimpses of her skills in action in the latest gameplay trailer.

Horizon's Tactical ability.
Her Ultimate sans Bangalore's Rolling Thunder.

From the looks of it, Horizon's Tactical ability can be used in both defensive and offensive manners, but her Ultimate, the black hole, is definitely one that's aggressive, rendering her opponents helpless by sucking them in. Time will tell how much tweaking will be done to her skills, but at least we don't need to wait long to try her out.

Until then, here's a touching short film that tells Horizon's story as a scientist/mother lost in time:

Also, Apex Legends will finally be available on Steam when Season 7 drops on 4 November, opening the game to a whole new demographic of players who don't want multiple game storefronts on their PCs.

These are just some of the most noteworthy updates to Apex Legends Season 7. For more information, check out the official website.


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