Apex Legends teases new Legend for Season 6, to be revealed tonight

Posted by Bryan Terng on August 6, 2020

As per Apex Legends tradition, a new Legend is coming next season, and the Respawn battle royale has been teasing them on their Twitter page for the past two days, with the latest tease coming in the form of an audio recording.

A quick search on the Internet shows there's currently no info on Dion Bakar or Lady Parekh (unless you dig deep enough to find datamined info, but best to take those with a pinch of salt). But, there was another audio recording released yesterday, a message from Bangalore - real name Anita Williams - reaching out to an old friend named "P", which we believe is the same Lady Parekh. Could she be the next Legend for Season 6?

Right after Bangalore's voice message was posted, Apex Legends announced that they have a big reveal coming up very soon, presumably about the latest Legend - why else would they post up teasers of a certain individual to build up anticipation, right? Fortunately, we don't have to wait long to find out, as the reveal will happen tonight at 1AM (GMT +8), or 10AM (GMT -7) as per the Tweet below.

In the meantime, the final limited-time mode of Season 5 is the Always Be Closing Evolved, where you'll be dropped into the arena with only a Mozambique and an Evo shield, whilst being chased down by a constantly-closing circle. This high-intensity mode will run from 11 - 18 August.

The Season 5 Fortune's Favor Battle Pass ends 18 August, so it's fair to assume that Season 6 begins sometime in late August or early September.


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