Black Shark continues to make mobile gaming cool

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 26, 2020

Their latest FunCooler Pro smartphone accessory looks to provide a solid solution to overheating phones.

For the many gamers that are currently playing their part and staying indoors, we have something special in store today. Black Shark introduces the FunCooler Pro; a cutting-edge cooling accessory for your mobile gaming needs. The FunCooler Pro achieves this through its advanced Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) technology. Said accessory also offers multi-device compatibility, with all its offerings packaged alongside it's user-friendly smartphone app.

Placing emphasis on thermal management, the Black Shark FunCooler Pro aims to provide the coolest gaming experience through some top-of-the-line specs and engineering:

  • Advanced TEC technology using the Peltier Effect, equipped with a semiconductor refrigeration chip – the core of the cooling heart
  • Inner design partitioning for hot and cold zones.
  • Seven pieces of fan blades, that spin up to 6200 rpm (equivalent to 2.5 times the speed of a helicopter propeller) to escalate the interior heat.
  • Upgraded air-duct design for greater noise reduction, achieving only 34dB while in use.

The Black Shark FunCooler Pro fits unto smartphones that measure between 67mm to 88mm in width, making it quite an accessible piece of hardware. Black Shark has also highlighted that the device itself is pretty simple and straightforward to use, with users only requiring to clip the accessory on their phone’s back panel, hook up its USB charger and hit the power button.

As earlier mentioned, its user-friendly smartphone app offers two modes to cool devices, a Freeze Mode and a Blizzard mode. Other app features include customizable RGB luminous lighting effects and real-time temperature display.

The Black Shark FunCooler Pro cooling system ensures gamers get the most out of their smartphones by helping to keep temperatures down during longer or more taxing gaming sessions.

“We manifest our commitment to create the perfect gaming ecosystem,” said Black Shark CEO, Harrison Luo (Yuzhou Luo). Harrison added that Black Shark listens to all mobile gamers' demands for wanting sustained gameplay sessions. In line with this, the FunCooler Pro was made to assist smartphones in maintaining peak performance, keeping cool any heated components.

The FunCooler Pro will be available exclusively on Shopee from 24 Mar onwards, retailing at RM199. As a participating brand of the 4.4 Shopee Brands Festival, Black Shark is offering deals with savings up to RM155 alongside attractive vouchers on 27 Mar and 4 April. Fans can safely shop for Black Shark products from the comfort of their own homes through Shopee’s free shipping service.

Visit Black Shark’s Official Store on Shopee for more info and deals.


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