BOX Gaming Come Out Guns Blazing for Day 1 of PMWL:S0

Posted by George Wong on August 7, 2020

Match 1: Erangel

The first match of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL): Season Zero East grand finals started out with all the teams playing precariously, with the first kill only taking place at almost 11 minutes. But the first big surprise of the tournament was the whole squad of Bigetron RA getting eliminated at 16th place at 15 minutes by the Korean squad, T1, thanks to a fistful of grenades in a cliffside skirmish. Towards the midgame the remaining 8 teams found themselves in the woods south of Pochinki, protecting their edge of the circle. In the end, it was a showdown between BOX Gaming and Team Secret but BOX Gaming’s superior positioning and numbers gave them the edge to claim the first Chicken Dinner of the day. 

Match 2: Vikendi

This round started off slow with mini skirmishes breaking out every now and then but by 20 minutes there were still 15 teams left, spread around the battlefield southwest of Dino Park. Teams scrambled around, running from cover to cover, looking for a safe position to hold. As the circle shrank, it was down to U Level Up and BOX Gaming. Thanks to Team Secret’s uHigh who had taken out a couple of BOX Gaming’s squad earlier, U Level Up managed to prevent the Vietnamese squad from scoring two Chicken Dinners in a row. U Level Up earn their first win of the day.

Match 3: Erangel

Interestingly the match started off with a bugged circle which led to a rehost of the map. When the map reloaded, T1 scored the first kill of the day courtesy of a hilarious jeep into parachute knockdown. Most of the big teams were knocked out early, leaving BOX Gaming, GXR Celtz, MegaStars and Bigetron RA in the final four. This time - thanks to their advantageous high ground position when the circle closed in around them - Bigetron RA managed to score their first Chicken Dinner of the day, while BOX Gaming finished second again.

Match 4: Miramar

This match started with another surprise elimination, with BOX Gaming, current leaders of day 1, being the first team eliminated of the match after losing a hillside skirmish to T1. It seemed to start a trend, with almost all the other score leaders following suit. The final 3 teams boiled down to Bigetron RA’s last surviving member - Luxxy vs very healthy RRQ Athena and Orange Rock squads. Luxxy’s excellent guerilla tactics single-handedly took Orange Rock out of the game before giving his life up to the eventual winners, RRQ Athena. RRQ Athena won their first Chicken Dinner of the day.

Match 5: Sanhok

For the smallest map of the day, the action started right from the get-go, with previous match winners RRQ Athena being the first team to get knocked out. Fights broke out all across the map but in the end, it boiled down to a showdown between the underdogs, Reject Scarlet and regular season winners, Bigetron RA. While Bigetron RA had played extremely well up to this point (scoring 17 kills in this map alone), they fell short in the final conflict against the Japanese squad, who won their first Chicken Dinner of the day.

Match 6: Erangel

The last match of the day saw teams starting off cautiously again, slowly gathering resources and making the trek towards safety. As the circle settled in the area west of Mansion, Bigetron RA and Team Secret were the first two teams to be eliminated. The remaining 4 teams boiled down to U Level Up, MegaStars, BOX Gaming and GXR Celtz. Things looked promising for BOX Gaming after they eliminated GXR Celtz, but they were taken out by U Level Up who then proceeded to kill off MegaStars, winning their second Chicken Dinner and the final match of the day.

Wrap Up

Despite winning two Chicken Dinners, U Level Up only managed a third-place finish for the day. BOX Gaming’s consistent performance and high kill count secured the Vietnamese squad first place for the day, while Bigetron RA follows hot on their heels at second. MegaStars and Orange Rock had a promising showing as well, making the top 5 cut. An unfortunate day for our Malaysian squads, Team Secret (10th place) and Yoodo Gank (15th) - they will have to step it up over the next 3 days if they want to place well.

While it’s hard to draw accurate conclusions from day one alone, if these teams keep performing at the same calibre, it looks like BOX Gaming or Bigetron RA’s tournament to win. Both of the teams have performed consistently over the six matches today, scoring many kills in addition to placing well. 

There’s a huge disparity in points from the top 4 to the rest of the group, so the lower placing teams have a chance to do well if the top 3 underperform on the following days, or get eliminated early. There’s still three more days of action, so we’ll just have to wait and see. PMWL:S0 East continues tomorrow at the same time - 8pm (in GMT +8) on eGG Network, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

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