E1 Championship Finish Line Summary: Round 4 Results (International Race Track Enzo & Dino Ferrari)

Posted by George Wong on December 15, 2020

The fourth round of the E1 Championship concluded last Thursday with two more exciting races. After a stellar performance last week, we were wondering if Miko Nassi could keep it up, and he did, with no sweat no less. The Singaporean racer managed to finish first on both races of the day once again, singlehandedly propelling his team (Team Safehouse) upwards from third to second place on the leaderboard.

Here's how the E1 Championship Round 4 went down:

Qualifying round

The pre-race round may be a time to warm up their engines, but as long as points can be earned (applicable only for the top 5), none of these racers will be lifting their foot off the gas pedal. And that fact is pretty evident in how close these drivers were to each other in terms of getting the fastest lap times.

P1 to P5 finishes: 

  1. Stratos Motorsport – Naquib Azlan (1:13:871) – 5 points
  2. Team Safehouse – Mikko Nassi (1:14:093) – 4 points 
  3. Scuderia Stratos - Troy Eimann (1:14:352) – 3 points 
  4. RSG – Mika Hakimi (1:14:552) – 2 points
  5. BlackWolf Racing – Kalen Chin (1:14:590) – 1 point 

Race 1

Nassi didn't have a great start at first, with Stratos drivers Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsport) and Troy Eimann (Scuderia Stratos) taking off in the lead. The latter was constantly pressured by Nassi, and the two continuously traded places throughout the first few laps before the Team Safehouse racer finally established firm dominance over the Malaysian lad.

The corner where Nassi overtook Azlan twice in the same race.

Nassi then turned his attention to overtaking Azlan, and another battle ensued between the championship's top 2 drivers. Even though Nassi succeeded in overtaking the Stratos Motorsports representative in Lap 10, Azlan put a scare in the championship leader when he countered his efforts at the beginning of Lap 12, the final one. However, Nassi proved to be the better racer and swiftly took back P1 in the same lap, even at the same corner. Total domination by Mikko Nassi, but a great race from Naquib Azlan who secured the lead in the first half.

P1 to P3 Best Lap times: 

  1. Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 1:14:317
  2. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 1:14:594
  3. Mika Hakimi (RSG) – 1:14:757

Race 1 Best Lap time: 

  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 1:14:317

Race 2

Scuderia Stratos' Ariff Azmi had an unusually good start, briefly leading the pack before BlackWolf Racing's Kalen Chin overshot the Malaysian quickly in Lap 1. By Lap 8, Nassi, Ayman Aqeem (RSG) and Mika Hakimi (RSG) eventually surpassed Azmi, who settled for fifth place before finishing sixth. It was an impressive feat by Chin to hold the front until Lap 11 when Nassi almost inevitably shot past the Australian prodigy.

Due to Race 2 being a 30-minute marathon, it was eventually time for a pit stop for Nassi, which paved the way for Chin and Azlan to go past him and take the top spots. But, by the end of Lap 20, Nassi caught up with the duo and secured the lead for the remaining three laps. Even Chin managed to overcome Azlan and got second place in Race 2.

P1 to P3 Best Lap times: 

  1. Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 1:14:427
  2. Kalen Chin (BlackWolf Racing) – 1:15:043
  3. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsport) – 1:15:920

Race 1 Best Lap time: 

  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 1:14:427

Overall Round 4 standings

Top 3 Drivers of Round 4

  1. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 46 points
  2. Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 43 points
  3. Mika Hakimi (RSG) – 33 points

Overall E1 Championship standings

Top 3 performers (Drivers)

  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 174 points
  • Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 171 points
  • Mika Hakimi (RSG) – 126 points

Top 3 performers (Teams)

  • RSG – 246 points
  • Stratos Motorsports – 219 points
  • Team Safehouse – 212 points

Catch the next race in Spa, Belgium this Thursday (17 December) at 10PM (GMT +8) before everyone at the E1 Championship takes a two-week break! Be sure to follow E1 Championship on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for weekly updates and exclusive race coverage.

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