E1 Championship Pit Stop Recap: Gearing up for Round 2

Posted by San Joe Kim on November 25, 2020

Article was edited on 26 Nov 2020 to reflect point adjustments that were previously unaccounted for

Missed out on Round 1 of the E1 Championship? Here’s a handy summary and recap of the races that took place last week in Sepang, Malaysia. Fans will be up to speed in no time to enjoy Round 2 tomorrow!

Race 1

In Round 1, the drivers had a field day at Sepang, where Team Safehouse’s Mikko Nassi finished in first place earning himself 25 points. Close behind were GT Radial Eurasia’s Inigo Anton and Resurgence’s Mika Hakimi, each bagging 20 and 16 points respectively. 

In case you need a refresher on how points are tallied here’s a quick summary: 

Drivers earn Race Points based on their placements (the higher the better), earning additional points for achieving the fastest lap time. In the final round of the championship, double points will be on offer for drivers. Fans can check out this handy article should you want to know more about the drivers, rules and format of the race.  

Race 2

In Race 2, Resurgence’s Ayman Aqeem pulled off an exceptional run, bagging not only a position 1 finish but being the fastest lap achiever too. He sat comfortably at the top with 27 points, while Stratos Motorsports’s Naquib Azlan and Team Safehouse’s Mikko Nassi finished 2nd and 3rd with 20 and 16 points respectively. 

Overall Round 1 Standings

Round 1 - Drivers based results
Round 1 - Teams based results

Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore have put themselves on the board comfortably after their bout in Sepang. Resurgence and Team Safehouse each managed to find a position 1 finish to sit comfortably at the top 3 table position alongside GT Radial Eurasia. Viewers should also keep an eye on Stratos Motorsports as they have been consistently finding top 5 finishes in both races.

Top 3 performers (Drivers)

  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) - 46 points
  • Inigo Anton (GT Radial Eurasia) - 36 points
  • Ayman Aqeem (Resurgence) - 34 points

Top 3 performers (Teams)

  • Team Safehouse - 65 points
  • Resurgence - 61 points
  • Stratos Motorsports - 53 points

But that’s just Round 1 ladies and gents! Round 2 will see teams compete in Shanghai, China next! Be sure to catch all the drivers in action tomorrow at 10PM (GMT+8) LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800). Fans can opt for eGG Network’s Facebook for the live stream too if that's your jam. 

Viewers can also check out the full VOD of Round 1 right here if you want to relive the action!

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