E1 Championship Pit Stop Recap: Revving up Round 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 2, 2020

The premier simulated (sim) racing tournament of the E1 Championship will be flagging off its third round tomorrow at the Dubai Autodrome, so there's simply no better time than the present to catch up on the latest standings from Round 2 in the Shanghai International Circuit. Fret not, we'll get you up to speed in a jiffy right below this wall of text.

Race 1

Resurgence's Ayman Aqeem continued his winning streak last week's Race 1, topping the charts once more at the Shanghai International Circuit. Unlike his victory at Sepang Race 2, even his fellow teammate, Mika Hakimi, shared the glory by placing right behind him in second; on top of that, Mika was the ultimate wingman, shielding his partner from Stratos Motorsports' Naquib Azlan, who was hot on their heels. In other related news, Blackwolf Racing’s Kalen Chin got the best lap time in Race 1 too.

Race 2

It was almost a heart-puncturing (you'll get the inside joke later) moment for Naquib, although the same couldn't be said for Kalen. GT Radial Eurasia's Inigo Anton initially had the lead with the reverse-grid format, up until Naquib overtook him in Lap 6. The Filipino ended up dropping to an unfavourable position after spinning out of control in Lap 9, and the same incident happened to his Malaysian competitor three laps before the end of the race. As if he wasn't in enough duress, one of Naquib's tyres punctured in the final 19th round - fortunately, the significant lead he had over the other top 3 drivers, Mika Hakimi and Team Safehouse's Mikko Nassi, was all he needed to still reach the finish line first - the Stratos Motorsports representative also had the fastest lap time in Race 2 of the Shanghai International Circuit.

Overall Round 2 standings.

Current overall standings

Due to his fiery performance on Round 2, Naquib Azlan made the jump from fourth to first place in one swift swoop, with previous top-seat holder Mikko Nassi dropping to second place. Ayman Aqeem remains comfortably in third place - thanks to his Race 1 victory - and his teammate, Mika Hakimi, climbed up from fifth to join his buddy. Inigo's lacklustre performance on Round 2 cost him plenty, but he's still in the top 5 keeping it together.

If you'd like a more detailed rundown of last week's race, we got it for you right here.

Catch the virtual drivers once again, as they continue the E1 Championship at the Dubai Autodrome tomorrow (3 December) at 10PM (GMT +8), LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800) and Facebook.

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E1 Championship Season Zero is organised by eGG Network, Axle Esports and Astro, in partnership with RaceRoom and eRacing GP.


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