eGG Network provides another extension of its livestream bonanza series

Posted by San Joe Kim on April 7, 2020

The stay-home-to-survive kit sees fans with yet another additional week of fun filled entertainment.

Fans who are worried about the livestream bonanza ending need not worry at all - we are pleased to announce yet another extension of eGG’s livestream bonanza offerings. Lasting from 8 to 14 April, viewers will be treated to the fourth wave of the Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Entertained series. The fourth iteration looks to feature yet another wave of prominent esports and gaming personalities that include Sharina Richie, JEFF TV , MelRomeo, Kechik XFG, Szenova, JunJun Gamer Wannabe, Cikgu Comel Gaming, CikmudawannyX, Harris Gameboy, Mok's, Lubuk Gamer, TokWi, HajiYaad Gaming and Afadfiy.

The livestream bonanza will happen over at eGG Network's Facebook page at the following times:

Please continue to stay at home and stay safe. You would not want to miss out on this exciting livestream bonanza. And remember as always, keep washing those hands!

Stay tuned to eGG Network’s Facebook page for more exciting esports and gaming content.


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