Free Fire Asia Championships 2021 and EMEA Cup Announced for November!

Posted by George Wong on October 6, 2021

While we won't have the Free Fire World Series this year, rest assured that there's still plenty of competitive Free Fire for esports fans to watch. Garena officially announced today, two tournaments that will be taking place next month - the Free Fire Asia Championships (FFAC) 2021 and the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Cup 2021. Due to the pandemic, we won't have teams flying in from across the world to compete, instead, we'll have regionally divided, online-only tournaments we've gotten used to over the past year.

Similar to the Continental Series in 2020, the tournament will have teams based on the regions they are from. For FFAC 2021, the participating regions are: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines (MCP), Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. For the EMEA Cup 2021, we have the Commonwealth of Independent Stats (CIS), Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Both tournaments will take place on 20-21 November for the Group Stage/Preliminaries, while the Finals will be on 28 November for FFAC 2021 and 27 November for EMEA Cup 2021. The two tournaments will follow the same format. For the Group Stage and Preliminaries, teams will battle over 6 rounds across 3 maps: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari, with points awarded based on round ranking and number of kills. The Finals will see teams compete across 7 rounds, with the last map being a random pick.

No word on who the competing teams are yet, but it shouldn't be too long until we find out. In the meantime, don't forget to catch the finals of the MCP Majors Season 2 on 16th October! Stay tuned to Free Fire and eGG Network for the latest news and updates!


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