Gamers Hideout apologises over PS5 preorder scandal

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 17, 2020

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for console gamers in Malaysia since the PS5 pre-order was announced last week, namely with Gamers Hideout infamous PWP (purchase with purchase) bundle for the PS5 pre-order. The Malaysian retail store has since been silent on the matter ... until earlier this afternoon when they issued a statement on the PS5 pre-order controversy.

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Even though they finally addressed the matter and made claims "to readjust your purchases", many were still unsatisfied by their apology, especially when they addressed it as the "unpopular PS5 PWP bundle":

We - and definitely those who pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 from them - are holding our breaths to know how Gamers Hideout will "readjust your purchases", so we'll be keeping close tabs on their page to see how this unfolds.

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This event started when many scrambling were to buy the first batch of PS5 consoles in the country, due to be out on 11 December. Many were frustrated by the extremely limited stock of PS5 that stores were allowed to accept, and though every other store pretty much sold the console - both the standard and digital edition - individually as expected, Gamers Hideout chose to do things differently, shoving numerous compulsory add-ons to customers' PS5 pre-orders. Even with the cheapest add-ons (which includes one PS5 game, a three-game mystery pack, and two PS5 accessories), buying standard PS5 bundle at Gamers Hideout can go only go as low as RM3030, forcing you to pay around RM700 extra just to get the PS5 early.

(Image credit: Lowyat.NET)

How do you think Gamers Hideout will handle this issue? Let us know in the comments section!


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