How a Valorant Battle Pass is Built

Posted by George Wong on October 22, 2020

Valorant is one of the most popular free-to-play team-based shooters out there, and there's a reason why the game (and others like it) have caught the attention of millions of gamers out there - in-game cosmetics! From the weapons you wield, to the skins on them, and the sprays you get to decorate the battlefield with - there's no limit when it comes to how much you want to customize your agents.

While a lot of people may think that Riot Games is essentially printing virtual money by including new items with every update, there's actually a deep thought and design process that goes behind each batch of cosmetics! In addition to making sure they fit into the game's lore and universe, they make sure that they fit in thematically with new Agents, maps, events, holidays, the meta, and even feedback from players!

The team even holds the occasional internal design contest to get inspiration for what the next set of items should be. It's not a matter of simply throwing a dart on a board of random images to see where it lands on. If you're interested in finding out the lore behind the "Scuttle Trash" or "Potato Aim" gun buddies - head over to the latest dev diary to read on!

What is your favourite Valorant cosmetic, and what themes would you like to see being incorporated into the game's aesthetic design?

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