Indian Ascension: MegaStars, GXR Celtz, Orange Rock, Claim 3 Chicken Dinners on PMWL:S0 Day 3

Posted by George Wong on August 9, 2020

Match 1: Erangel

As per tradition, the first match of PUBG Mobile World League: Season Zero Day 3 started off slow (minus the early death of Bigetron RA’s Luxxy), but it picked up as the teams converged east of School. Multiple fights broke out due to the openness of the battlefield as teams found themselves flanked by different opponents on all sides. Surprisingly, Malaysian squads Yoodo Gank and Team Secret found themselves in the top 5, along with Team IND, Valdus the Murder, and MegaStars. After a fierce free-for-all skirmish between the squads, MegaStars easily won the match thanks to their superior numbers against Valdus the Murder who only had one player remaining. MegaStars claim the first Chicken Dinner of the day - a cool 32 points thanks to their 12 kills, bumping them up to 4th on the leaderboard.

Match 2: Vikendi

Another slow start in the icy map, with the circle spawning around Dino Park. With only a few pickoffs by 20 minutes, the action only picked towards the final few circles. Yoodo Gank showed some signs of life with 8 kills and being one of the last two remaining teams. Unfortunately for the Malaysian squad, they were eliminated after an intense firefight by GXR Celtz, who picked up their first Chicken Dinner of the finals.

Match 3: Erangel

Back on the map of the finals weekend, another quiet beginning until the peace was broken by RRQ Athena and U Level Up. While the teams traded grenades and bullets, neither one was able to gain a significant advantage against each other and ended in a stalemate. As the circle moved, the players found themselves battling in the challenging terrain of the Sunken City (Water Town). Bigetron RA who played extremely cautiously found themselves in a great position as they entered late while the other teams were already battling. Unfortunately for them, TSM Entity were already waiting, with Jonathan easily taking out two members of Bigetron RA as they tried to breach land. After an intense six-way shootout in such a confined area, Orange Rock were the ones to emerge victorious for day’s third Chicken Dinner - by simply surviving longer in the shrinking circle than U Level Up, who only had one remaining player outside the boundary.

Match 4: Miramar

For today’s match in the desert, it was an exciting finish for RRQ Athena who scored their first win of the day. The team played passively until the final circle which placed them in the perfect position to eliminate the competition. U Level Up did a great job coming in at second with 8 kills as well, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to give them the victory. With this Chicken Dinner, RRQ Athena has won all 3 Miramar matches of the finals so far, and overtake Bigetron RA for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Match 5: Sanhok

Even though it was the second last day of the match, it felt like all the teams were still playing as though they were unsure of their plans or their opponents. Despite Sanhok’s smaller size, it took 12 minutes for the first team, GXR Celtz, to be eliminated. Regardless, the match promptly erupted into an exciting battle around Bootcamp. In the end, it was U Level Up, who played stellar this round, with 11 kills and winning the Chicken Dinner. They earned 31 points, pushing them up to 4th place overall.

Match 6: Erangel

A different change of pace for the final match of the day with action right from the get-go - an unnecessary fight between GXR Celtz and T1 in the blue zone proved to be a big mistake for the Indian squad, causing them to be wiped out for no potential reward. Towards the midgame, the match turned into a battle on Georgopol Hills (Everest), with teams peeking out over the edges to lob grenades and fire shots. U Level Up’s superior positioning on the peak allowed them to easily wipe out their opponents, giving them a back-to-back victory to close out the day.

Wrap Up

Despite the high damage output from Valdus the Murder, the Thai Squad hasn’t been able to convert them into kills for more points on the scoreboard. They’ve shown a lot of promise but their play just hasn’t been good enough this weekend. The team has one more chance to try breaking past the top 10 tomorrow.

Great performance from the Indian squads today, claiming 3 Chicken Dinners on Day 3. Orange Rock, Team IND, MegaStars and TSM Entity can also place in the top 4 tomorrow if they keep it up. U Level Up played stellar, with their 2 victories propelling them to third place, 4 points shy of first. Even though Bigetron RA are tied with RRQ Athena for first place, the two teams weren’t too hot on the second-last day - they’ll need to step it up if they want to win this tournament. 

Yoodo Gank and Team Secret have been showing signs of life but are still very far behind on the leaderboards. It seems like the spark the teams had during the previous stage of the tournament have completely disappeared.

The final day of PMWL:S0 resumes tomorrow at the same time – 8pm (in GMT +8) on eGG NetworkFacebookYouTube and Twitch.


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