Jom Layan Dulu: Watch and play with your favourite Facebook Gaming Creators, and win Valorant merchandise

Posted by Bryan Terng on January 14, 2021

A new reality-shifting ninja Agent, better Ranked mode, and other new patches. The launch of Valorant Episode 2 this week introduced plenty of updates that may require more than its fair share of reading, but may we suggest a more awesome method to better understand the latest additions of Episode 2 Act 1? Our suggestion: the Jom Layan Dulu Valorant live stream!

Jom Layan Dulu will pit five popular Facebook Gaming Creators - Fredo Sameon, Afiq Chii, SiuPakChoi, MelRomeo and Rimau Gaming - in bouts of Valorant public matches with the latest Episode 2 update. But, it's not all games, because these streamers will also be sharing details and their thoughts on the newest improvements and, of course, new Agent Yoru, in between delightful banters that only the best Malaysian streamers can give.

On top of that, as long as you're watching the Jom Layan Dulu live stream, you stand a chance to play against them in a few rounds of Valorant. Plus, you can also attempt to win cool-as-heck official Valorant merchandise to show off to your friends of how big of a Valorant fan you are.

Catch the Jom Layan Dulu Valorant live stream tomorrow (15 January) at 7.30PM (GMT +8) on eGG Network FB.


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