Kasih: A touching series where your favourite Facebook Gaming streamers give back to the community

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 9, 2020

From Intanserah to Jaasuzuran, pretty much all the Facebook Gaming Creators we've interviewed have shown utmost gratitude towards their fans and viewers for the unwavering support they've given the streamers. Some of them even went to the extent of visiting their fans to show the appreciation they truly deserve, and eGG Network captured all that moment in one upcoming web series - Kasih.

Kasih is a Facebook Gaming production that follows five video game content creators on a journey to repay back the kindness they received from their amazing fans. And what better way to show appreciation for a gamer friend than by building them a custom gaming PC! Chiko, Luqman Podolski and more will be making an appearance in the upcoming web series.

Catch the premiere of Kasih this Friday (11 December) 8PM (GMT +8) on our Facebook page!

Special thanks to our sponsors for making Kasih a dream come true:

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