Live on eGG: Everything you need to know about PGI.S, the world's biggest PUBG esports tournament

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 3, 2021

After the conclusion of the global esports tournament of its mobile counterpart, it's now time for the big brother PC version of PUBG to have its time in the competitive spotlight. Introducing, the PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S), the year's longest and largest PUBG esports tournament/festival so far spanning eight weeks.

32 teams across eight regions will be battling it out across the six-week Weekly Series, with PGI.S taking place offline - undoubtedly with safety measures in place - in Korea. The tournament will feature a whopping US$3.5 million total prize pool for teams to salivate over, and, instead of points, the final team rankings will be determined based on how much prize money they win every week. The PGI.S champions will be the ones with the most prize money by the end of the tournament.

Here are the 32 teams confirmed to be participating in PGI.S:

FaZe Clan
Team Liquid
Shoot To Kill Gaming
FURIA Esports
Triumphant Song Gaming
Multi Circle Gaming
Four Angry Men
Petrichor Road
Attack All Around
Daytrade Gaming

DivisionX Gaming
LG Divine
JapanDetonatioN Gaming White
TaiwanK7 Esports
Global EsportsXsset
Rank Decision groups.

The PGI.S Weekly Series is divided into two stages: Weekly Survival and Weekly Final, with a set of Rank Decision matches pre-tournament (5 - 7 February) to determine the top 16 teams to kick off the first Weekly Series. The three-day stage will divide squads into four groups of eight, and the remaining team will wait for their turn to compete in the Weekly Survival phase.

Now, the real fun begins with Weekly Survival. Running for three weekdays and 16 matches every week, teams who score one Winner Winner Chicken Dinner will immediately qualify for the Weekly Final and the next Weekly Survival. Plus, they'll drop out of the stage, and the next bottom 16 team on the waitlist will replace them to win their share of WWCD. To sweeten the deal, the first eight teams to win a Chicken Dinner will win more prize money.

A bottom 16 match will also be held for the remaining teams on Saturday before the Weekly Final starts, to decide the order of teams in the waitlist.

And finally, the Weekly Final will take place during the weekend with 10 matches. The format will be a return to classic, where teams will have to earn points via Chicken Dinners/placements and kills to reach the top. Prize money will be rewarded according to each Weekly Final rankings, and will even grow up to US$500,000 in subsequent Weekly Finals. The cycle then repeats itself throughout the rest of PGI.S.

On top of that, 30% of the PGI.S item sales profit - based on how much players paid to get PGI.S-exclusive items - will be added to the prize pool. The higher the team's final ranking, the higher the percentage they're rewarded with.

PGI.S will also feature a Pick’em Challenge that fans can participate in, by predicting and voting which teams will complete certain challenges and win EPs (Esports Points) for the right guesses.

But, it's not all fame, glory and fortune. PGI.S will feature variety shows and programmes to entertain viewers, along with international talents to wow the audience, including Sung Seung Heon, JisuBoy, Lee Hyun Gyung, Junki, Wolf, Sieun Choi, Elizabeth Wang, Quantroop, Nana, G.IDLE, NU’EST Aron, Han Na Young, and more!

PGI.S will begin on 5 February with the Rank Decision matches, followed by the Weekly Series from 8 February onwards. The PUBG tournament will be broadcast LIVE on eGG Network TV (check out our TV guide for the weekly schedule), as well as Twitch.


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