Livik brings fast-paced matches to PUBG Mobile

Posted by George Wong on July 9, 2020

If you wished that PUBG Mobile matches were shorter (without you having to die early), you’re in luck. Tencent has just announced the launch of its new map, Livik, for mobile devices. Featuring a tiny 2km x 2km battleground, and only 52 players, the new map is aimed at providing fast-paced, action-packed gameplay lasting around 15 minutes per match. This shorter duration now makes PUBG Mobile the perfect game to play while you’re on your commute, waiting in a long queue, or just itching to get some chicken dinners during lunch breaks.

Livik also features brand new gear and vehicles not found in the other maps - namely the P90 submachine gun, Mk12 marksman rifle, and Monster Truck vehicle. While the map is still in beta testing and will continually be updated (don’t expect to see it used in tournaments anytime soon), it is available for everybody to play. Just download the latest version (0.19.0) and the map on your mobile device to queue for it.

The 0.19.0 content update also introduces some new features to the game:

  • Bonfire Mode Gameplay: statue-focused objectives in Erangel and Miramar
  • Livik Firearm Special Training Event: experimental trial weapon crates in Livik which offer slightly stronger attributes than normal weapons to make your characters more powerful
  • Cheer Park: updated with trenches in the shooting range, launchers to hot air balloons, a new firearm-specific quick draw duel, and Elite Challenge for practising marksmanship.
  • New Arena Attachment - a new Barrel Extender muzzle that adds range and lowers damage reduction due to distance for most of your sniper rifles, rifles and SMGs.
  • Season Warmup Event - in preparation for Season 14, four-person squads can enlist in Classic Mode to complete missions to earn Season 14 ranking points.
  • Balance to basic combat, and miscellaneous improvements to the UI, Guncraft system, download speeds, achievement rankings and more.

What are you waiting for? Download the latest version of PUBG Mobile for Android or iOS and start exploring Livik today! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on the game.


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