Meet Godzilla & Kong firsthand in PUBG Mobile with Titan Strikes mode

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 12, 2021

Not all of us got to experience the earth-shattering brawl between Godzilla and Kong in cinemas, but thanks to PUBG Mobile's exclusive collaboration with Godzilla vs. Kong, anyone who has Tencent's mobile game in their smartphones will get to see them in person while maintaining SOP this Hari Raya.

Dive into the all-new Titan Strikes game mode, and witness the God-like aura of the three Titans from Godzilla vs. Kong: the titular Titans duo, as well as new foe Mechagodzilla. Each of them will only be available in Erangel, Sanhok and Livik, respectively, because there can only be one to roam the realm.

Each Titan will traverse across a randomly-generated path to destroy the Apex Expeditionary Army camps (which house valuable loot that you can obtain) and other small-fry monsters, which players can also kill to reap more resources. Plus, once the Titan has absorbed enough energy from the Earth, they'll release a variety of Titan Crystals that can be used as special throwables for players. Be careful not to crowd the Titans though. Too many players nearby would provoke them and force them to attack everyone in their vicinity.

To make the event sweeter, players who download the 1.4 update before 16 May will get 2888 BP, 100 AG and a Banana Bonanza (3 days).

Check this out for the full 1.4 patch notes.

In other related news, Malaysian rapper MK of the K-CLIQUE group was announced as a PUBG Mobile ambassador in the country recently. He will produce and release two new songs that will serve as anthems in future PUBG Mobile esports tournaments, not to mention that there will be a collection of MK-centric in-game items, including a permanent MK outfit, character, voice pack, in-game lobby music and more.

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