MPL-ID Playoffs: ONIC Esports eliminate Bigetron Alpha to secure top three position

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on April 11, 2020

ONIC will next face the loser of EVOS Legends vs RRQ tomorrow in the lower bracket final.

Regular Season standout team Bigetron Alpha crashed out of the MPL Indonesia Season 5 Playoffs after falling 2-0 to ONIC Esports. The boys in yellow were Season 3 champions, and survive another day to stand a chance to reclaim their title.

The top three teams of MPL Indonesia Season 5 are past champions: RRQ.Hoshi (Season 2), ONIC Esports (Season 3), EVOS Legends (Season 4).

CW had phenomenal Marksmen performances in both games.

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Game 1 post-match stats.

In Game 1, ONIC Esports continued their aggressive streak with a durable line-up including Thamuz, Uranus and Hylos. Their strategy was to get up close and personal to Bigetron Alpha from the get-go.

Although Branz played well on the Playoffs' first Roger pick, he wasn't effective enough against ONIC's firepower. ONIC.CW's Claude had a great start, and after claiming three Turtles, the Season 3 champions maintained a steadily growing lead till the game ended in 13:35 minutes.

Game 2 post-match stats.

ONIC started Game 2 with a similarly high tempo, but Bigetron Alpha fought back tooth and nail, picking Cecilion to counter Pharsa as well as Branz's Karrie against Uranus and Lolita.

However, another standout performance from CW on his Claude was the difference between both squads. ONIC's teamfight synergy were on point, with Antimage's Uranus constantly disrupting Bigetron Alpha's positioning just by jumping into the middle of a fight.

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The next (and final match) of the day is El Classico: EVOS Legends vs RRQ.Hoshi. Don't miss it!

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