MPL-ID Playoffs: RRQ and EVOS Legends to lock horns in Season 5's Grand Final

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on April 12, 2020

The MPL-ID defending champions send ONIC Esports packing without breaking a sweat.

The third and final day of the MPL-ID Season 5 Playoffs guaranteed a first ever two-time champion as the top three teams were past winners.

The first series of the day was the lower bracket final between Season 3 champions ONIC Esports and Season 4 champions EVOS Legends. The White Tigers emerged victorious in a 2-0 scoreline to set up another El Clasico grand final with RRQ.Hoshi.

Game 1

Selena slipped through the banning phase and was picked up by EVOS Legends, along with Rafaela, which they used to defeat Bigetron in their first game yesterday.

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EVOS Legends got off to a great start with Rekt's Chou getting a solo kill on Antimage's Uranus in a bottom lane 1v1 fight.

Being outplayed was the theme of the game as the defending champions systematically dismantled the Season 3 champions. Despite putting up a fight, ONIC failed to shake off EVOS' stranglehold on the game, and eventually crumbled under EVOS' constant pressure.

EVOS Legends' unconventional draft in Game 2 with Lunox and Angela proved devastating.

Game 2

EVOS Legends pulled off more surprises in the draft, picking Lunox for the first time and brought back Luminaire's Angela.

The defending champions came out of the blocks with all guns blazing, securing 5 kills to none by the third minute. On paper, ONIC Esports' draft was more aggressive as they opted for Natalia, Grock, Uranus and Kimmy for early game dominance.

EVOS.Wannn's Karrie performances in both games was impressive.

However, EVOS' Rekt was once more on fire with his Chou pick, which gave Wannn's Karrie time and space to farm. EVOS never look threatened and ended the game in 12 minutes, with an impressive 14-4 kill score.

Talk about "easy game."

It was destiny that RRQ and EVOS would meet again in the grand final.

With this victory, EVOS Legends set up another El Clasico Grand Final against arch rivals RRQ.Hoshi. The Season 2 champions had defeated EVOS 2-1 yesterday, but with these two powerhouses on the battlefield, the best-of-five grand final can never be a foregone conclusion.

As EVOS coach, Bjorn "Zeys" Ong, mentioned in his post-match interview, "We fail, we learn. We don't fail and cry. That's the difference."

Brace yourselves for fireworks!

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