MPL-ID Playoffs: RRQ.Hoshi are through to the Grand Final

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on April 11, 2020

EVOS Legends drop to the lower bracket and face ONIC Esports tomorrow.

In an exact replica of the MPL-ID Season 2 bracket, RRQ.Hoshi came from one game down to take down high-flying EVOS Legends in two scintillating performances.

They secure the first Grand Final spot and send their arch-rivals to the lower bracket to face ONIC Esports tomorrow.

Game 1 of the MPL-ID El Classico was dominated by EVOS Legends. They have have entered the Playoffs third in the Regular Season standings, but they gave a true masterclass showing, drafting an ultra-mobile line-up with Ling, Claude, and Angela - who was never picked before!

By 5 minutes, the kill score was 10-2 in favour of the defending champions and they had a 5,000 gold lead which grew exponentially as the match progressed.

Wannn's Ling in the teamfight which earned him a Maniac!

Rather than take big teamfights, EVOS looked for quick pick-offs across the map. Wannn's Ling was phenomenal, but it was also Rexxy's Valir and Luminaire's Angela which led the White Tigers to a stunning victory.

EVOS even had time for shenanigans.

EVOS.Luminaire emoting - just because…

Game 2 saw RRQ.Hoshi throw their MLBB meta textbook out the window, drafting Aurora and Leomord against EVOS' powerful Natalia-Grock-Pharsa line-up.

The surprise factor looked to have paid off, as they applied pressure on EVOS Legends. Lemon's Leomord and Xin's Claude were rampaging across the map and the defending champions failed to muster an adequate response.

By minute 10, RRQ.Hoshi were knocking on EVOS Legends' front door. One-by-one, they took out EVOS Legends' players and in one fell (and swift) swoop, breached EVOS' mid inhibitor tower and took the series to a third game.

Game 3 proved to be an even match. RRQ stuck with their Game 2 Aurora pick, but otherwise, there were no outlandish drafting.

RRQ's momentum from their previous win carried them to the mid game and by minute 10, they were leading 7-2 in terms of kills with a 6,000 gold lead.

Although EVOS Legends looked to claw their way back into the game with well-taken fights, a disastrous skirmish outside the Lord pit around minute 15 and a half turned the tide overwhelming in RRQ's favour, who eventually won the game, sealing the first grand final spot.

R7's Chou deservedly earned the MVP title of the third game thanks to clutch plays.

Defending champions EVOS Legends will face Season 3 champions ONIC Esports in the lower bracket final tomorrow (12 April) to decide the second grand finalist.

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