MPL-MY/SG Playoffs: Resurgence take gold

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on May 3, 2020

Geek Fam put up a good fight, but ultimately crashed out 3-1.

An on-form Resurgence stomped to a 3-1 grand final victory after defeating Orange Esports Reborn earlier in the day. With the win, Jason, ly4ly4ly4 and SynC become the first players to be crowned two-time MPL-MY/SG champions.

Game 1

Geek Fam started the game well, but their overconfidence led to mistakes which Resurgence capitalised. The Singaporean team's line-up had too much burst damage in Jason's Pharsa and SynC's Gusion. These damage dealers were supported by the durability of Kayzeepi's Atlas and Sana's Thamuz.

Xorn's Chou had little impact in the game as he couldn't even get close to RSG's back lines. Without a proper gap-closer against Pharsa, Geek Fam were helpless as RSG marched into their and ended the game in 12 minutes.

Game 2

Geek Fam allowed Natalia to escape the banning phase despite Resurgence's known proficiency on the hero. But that may have been a smart move as they snapped up Atlas and Chou in the first phase.

Xorn's Atlas made brilliant crowd control initiations which ensured most teamfights went their way.

The Malaysians found their groove and Jason's Natalia was effectively shut down. Ozoraveki's Terizla and Xorn's Atlas made plenty of clutch plays as they won most of the game's teamfights. Resurgence held on valiantly, but Geek Fam managed to end the game in 19 minutes.

Game 3

Geek Fam vs Resurgence Game 3 draft.

Resurgence started the game strongly but after Geek Fam claimed the first turtle at minute 5, the Season 3 champions gradually pulled slightly ahead. By the 10th minute, the kill score was 7-8 in favour of RSG, but Geek Fam had a 3k gold lead.

However, Resurgence managed to secure the first Lord and Geek Fam tried to take a fight outside their base, but lost four members and their top inhibitor turret. Geek Fam took another bad teamfight around the 13 and a half-minute mark which allowed Resurgence to storm through the top lane to lead the series 2-1.

Game 4

With their tournament lives at stake, Geek Fam opted for a surprising Minsitthar pick for Xorn. Resurgence, on the other hand, snapped up Kaja - the most banned hero of the Playoffs. Resurgence showed the strength of the hero as they dominated the game from start to finish.

It was clear that Geek Fam was outclassed in the grand final. Their draft was poor and their performance lacklustre. We're not sure why this was the case because they played extremely well on the first and second day of the Playoffs.

In the post-match interview, Kayzeepi had mad respect for Geek Fam, saying that they had a good grand final series and he hopes to see them again in the next season.

Ozoraveki also shared that their final game draft was a disappointment despite wanting to shake things up.


Jason was actually in tears




With the win, Resurgence took home US$25,000. ly4ly4ly4 earned the title of grand final MVP, and an additional US$1,000 under his belt.

ly4ly4ly4 was awarded the grand final MVP.

MPL-MY/SG Season 5 was organised by eGG Network.


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