MPL MY Week 1 Recap: Suhaz EVOS tops Group B with 0 losses, S6 champs TODAK unleash Yve into Season 7

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 15, 2021

In case you missed it, week 1 of MPL MY Season 7 Regular Season featured some exciting matches all across the board. From dominant performances to notable hero picks, we’ll bring you up to speed on some of the key things you should be aware about so far.

Here's a glance at Week 1's Results along with each Group's standings:

  • Reborn Esports vs HomeBois (2 - 1)
  • Suhaz EVOS vs RED (2 - 0)
  • Orange Esports vs Team SMG (2 - 1)
  • TODAK vs Reborn Esports (2 - 1)
  • Team Bosskurr vs Geek Fam (2 - 0)
  • RED vs Team Bosskurr (2 - 0)
  • RSG MY vs Suhaz EVOS (0 - 2)
  • HomeBois vs Orange Esports (2 - 0)

Group A

  • 1st - TODAK
  • 2nd - HomeBois
  • 3rd - Reborn Esports
  • 4th - Orange Esports
  • 5th - Team SMG

Group B

  • 1st - Suhaz EVOS
  • 2nd - Team Bosskurr
  • 3rd - RED
  • 4th - Geek Fam
  • 5th - RSG MY

The most banger matches this week were those that involved Suhaz EVOS. They look like a well-oiled machine in all of their matches, deservedly obtaining clean 2-0s in all their outings this week. Other teams that played twice this week across the board had their share of wins and loses, hinting that they are still probably in the phase of acclimatizing (since this is the very first week after all). Despite Geek Fam, RSG MY, and Team SMG not having the best start at the moment, fans should remember that these teams sport some of the scene's most veteran and experienced players. It is just a matter of time before they start getting their points on the board too.

Roster size matters

Remember how TODAK had a total of 10 players enlisted for Season 7? Well all of them were fielded against their match against Reborn Esports. After an explosive series opener where both teams dominated Game 1 and 2 respectively each, TODAK later decided to bring out the big guns. In game 3, they substituted their entire 5 man lineup, with another set of players! The swapped lineup also utilized a completely different draft in Game 3 to throw off their opponents. Though other teams may not be able to emulate TODAK, the option of doing major player switch-ups may be something teams consider doing for future matches.

The relatively untouched newcomer, Yve 

Yve may see increased picks in the coming weeks

Out of the many newer heroes, such as Benedetta, Paquito, Mathilda, and Brody, one hero was relatively untouched in both ban and pick phases during Week 1. That hero is none other than Yve, a mage that specializes in poking and building stacks with her spells to later unleash huge damage bursts on her enemies. While teams may still be experimenting on how to best utilize the Astrowarden, Moon managed to display its competitive viable-ness against Reborn Esports. It will be interesting to see whether teams will opt to pick (and ban) her more often in the weeks to come.

Diggie and Bruno

RED probably dig this

Fans would remember that Diggie used to be a potent pocket pick. The infamous Diggie feeding strat was previously popular, but players have most certainly not forgotten about its potent teamfight-centric toolkit. Probably taking a page from Burmese Ghouls during M2, some teams like Reborn Esports and RED could be seen utilizing Diggie. Through Diggie’s ultimate, Time Journey, the team’s overall survivability is enhanced during teamfights. Surviving with just enough health at the end of a game-deciding teamfight can make all the difference. Could this see the potential resurgence of Diggie as a staple support pick in the coming weeks?

Mal was an absolute mad lad against BOSS in Game 1. He also deservedly picked up the season's first maniac.

Not to mention, Bruno has also been seen to be picked more often than normal. Despite it being a risky glass cannon pick, teams like Team Bosskurr and RED managed to show that the hero is very much viable with the right draft and strategy setup. While staple picks like Yi Sun-shin and Claude will still be favoured by all teams in general, perhaps Bruno will become a comfortable backup option for other teams in the future. 

This is just the beginning

That being said, this is just Week 1 of the Regular Season after all. More exciting new picks and metas may be unfolding in the background as teams start analyzing and theory-crafting for future games. Be sure to catch Week 2’s matches that will be taking place this 19 to 21 March!


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