MPL-PH S5 Playoffs - Teams Rundown

Posted by George Wong on May 28, 2020

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League - Philippines Season 5 (MPL-PH S5) playoffs take place this weekend, with many promising teams and talents aiming for the top prize. While it isn’t clear who will emerge as the victors, we’ve put together a quick rundown of the teams to get you up to speed on who to look out for.

The Underdogs

BSB, ULVL, and Blacklist International didn’t fare too well in the group stages and have to start in the lower bracket on day one - not surprising, seeing how some of the teams are relatively new. However, there’s no reason to count them out just yet. In the lower bracket, anything can happen, especially since teams have their backs against the wall and need to pull out every trick in the book to advance.

SGD Omega have been hot and cold so far. While they were the only team to take out the top seed, Bren Esports, in the group stage - that wasn’t enough for them to clinch an upper bracket finish. This weekend will prove if they have the skills to hang with the big boys or that victory was a fluke.

Group Stage Favorites

Bren Esports’ dominating group stage performance puts them as the favourite team to win it all. The squad only dropped a single series to SGD Omega in the group stage, proving they have the consistency to become champions. But can the team carry their momentum over to this weekend? They’ve got a tough road ahead, with the returning-to-form Execration and potentially Sunsparks or Onic PH before they can secure themselves a seat at the Grand Finals. Four of their members also stand a chance to become repeat MPL champions.

Comeback Story

Execration haven’t looked great for the past few seasons, but they’re on track for a potential comeback with their solid group stage performance. Do they have what it takes to overcome the fearsome Bren Esports or will they lose their momentum and stumble down to the lower bracket? It won't be easy, but their diehard fans are praying and hoping for the former. Can Execration bring the cup home this season?

Biggest Rivals

Sunsparks and Onic PH face off again, this time in the upper bracket. During their group stage series, Sunsparks were the victors therefore Onic PH will be looking to get their revenge. With Sunsparks' Greed and Onic PH's Fuzaken being part of each other’s squads in the past, a match between the two teams is always going to be spicy - especially since Sunsparks are still in the running to win the MPL title a second time, and Onic PH have a shot at back to back grand final appearances.

MPL PH S5 airs on 29 - 31 May. Be sure to catch all the action live on eGG Network (Channel 800 on Astro), or our Facebook page.


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