MPLI Playoffs Recap: Day 1

Posted by George Wong on July 3, 2020

Upper Bracket: RRQ vs EVOS Legends

Kicking off the first day of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Pro League Invitational (MPLI), we have the Indonesian El Clásico, featuring Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) vs EVOS Legends (EVOS). 

Game 1

Alice, a hero that hasn’t seen much play, was drafted by RRQ

RRQ were heavily favoured by the casters, and we can see why. RRQ struck first blood and the first Turtle of the game, giving them an early lead which never stopped growing. By 8 minutes, RRQ was 10k ahead in gold with the 10-1 kill score in their favour. At minute 10, RRQ ended EVOS’ suffering with another clean team fight and taking out their base shortly after.

Game 2

RRQ’s very tanky lineup

Game 2 was similar to the first - despite EVOS scoring more kills than in the first game, it was still a stroll in the park for RRQ. RRQ ended the game in just under 12 minutes. Throughout the whole series, RRQ showed were the better team today - they had impressive map movement, faster rotations, and punished every aggressive move by EVOS. It’s easy to see why they are everybody’s favourite team this tournament. EVOS Legends drops to the lower bracket.

Upper Bracket: Burmese Ghouls vs Resurgence

Game 1

Resurgence (RSG) took the early lead but failed to end the game despite their overwhelming advantage, which allowed Burmese Ghouls (BG) to slowly claw their way back up on the networth charts. However, things fell apart for BG when they took some unsuccessful team fights while their most farmed hero and main damage dealer (Kid on Ling) was away split pushing the map. This allowed RSG to grab the Lord, followed by a straightforward push to end the game at 20 minutes.

Game 2

The match started off quite evenly, with RSG and BG trading kills, but it wasn’t long until RSG snatched the lead and ran away with it. The long break in between the two games did nothing to dampen RSG’s momentum. The Singaporean squad closed out the series with a swift 2:0, to get the day’s schedule back on track. BG will have to resume their run in the lower bracket.

Lower Bracket: Geek Fam vs Genflix Aerowolf

Game 1

While the game started off quite evenly, Geek Fam (GEEK) eventually outplayed Genflix Aerowolf (GFLX) with their superior positioning and team fights. The Malaysian squad sniped multiple Turtles and Lords, while GEEK Artz and Xorn created all the space in the world for their teammates to farm and push. Eventually, GFLX caved in to the pressure and crumbled.

Game 2 

GEEK played extremely well and disciplined, showing that they are capable of playing near-flawless games. They turned kills into pushes and slew the Turtle each time it was up. With GFLX being so far behind, they couldn’t contest the Lord which enabled GEEK to push 3 lanes at once. Geek Fam are looking good for their first series and will continue onward to meet Burmese Ghouls, while Genflix Aerowolf have been eliminated from MPLI.

Lower Bracket: Onic Esports vs Alter Ego Esports

Game 1

Onic Esports (ONIC) took an early lead but within five minutes, Alter Ego Esports (AE) turned it around and made it theirs. However, ONIC continued playing as though they were ahead, which caused them to lose even more teamfights. At ten minutes AE killed the Lord and cleared the bottom lane, but ONIC stood their ground. The game then slowed down, with both teams poking and testing each other’s defences. At 16 minutes, a decisive fight broke out after the Lord was claimed by AE, ONIC lost 4 players which gave AE a clear path down the mid lane to victory.

Game 2

Probably the sloppiest and most entertaining game of the day. ONIC started off strong as usual and cleared out two lanes in AE’s base. However, they overstayed their welcome which resulted in AE wiping them and pushing the lanes back the other way. It was then AE’s turn to stick around for too long after taking two lanes of their own. ONIC respawned in time to defend their throne and wiped their opponents. This time ONIC marched down the mid lane to destroy AE’s base. For the first time today, we got a game three.

Game 3

ONIC finished the series with a solid performance - a far cry from the clown-fest of the previous game. Despite ONIC Antimage (playing Tharmuz) being shut down by AE in the early game, they kept their composure and prioritized farm on CW (on Bruno) instead. ONIC CW was a beast when he finally showed up mid-game, and AE had no answers for him. This time ONIC played methodically and ended the game without throwing their lead. Onic Esports move on to face EVOS Legends, while we bid farewell to Alter Ego Esports.

Tomorrow's Matches

And that wraps up day one of the MPLI Playoffs. Stay tuned as the action continues tomorrow at 2pm (GMT +8) on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, Facebook or YouTube.


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