MPLI Playoffs Weekend - Team Lowdown and Predictions

Posted by George Wong on July 2, 2020

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League Invitational (MPLI) playoffs start this Friday, with tons of exciting matches to keep you occupied throughout the weekend. However, if you’re new to watching competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and have no idea who’s playing, we’ve reached out to some talents and streamers from the scene for their input on who to look out for.

Rex Regum Qeon (ID)

Winners of MPL Indonesia Season 5 (MPL-ID S5) and second place at the M1 World Championship 2019, Rex Regum Qeon (more commonly referred to as RRQ) are expected to dominate the tournament. Consistently finishing in the top, the team is no stranger when it comes to high-pressure situations, and this weekend looks no different. Almost all the talent and streamers have them pegged as number one.

Evos Legends (ID)

After placing second at MPL-ID S5, Evos Legends will get a chance for revenge as they face off against their arch-nemesis, RRQ, in the first match of the upper bracket. The El Clásico of the Indonesian scene, it’s a great way to kickstart the playoffs, seeing how the teams are evenly matched when it comes to taking wins off each other.

Burmese Ghouls (MM)

Consistently finishing in the first place when it comes to national level competitions, the Burmese Ghouls are a force to be reckoned with. However, due to their limited interaction with the rest of the region, they haven’t had the chance to shine internationally. Could this be the tournament that puts the Ghouls in the spotlight? Time will tell.

Resurgence (SG)

Hot off their dominating performance at MPL-MYSG S5, Resurgence are one of the teams to look forward to. With such a stacked lineup to play against, it’s up to the Singaporean squad to show the world what they’re made of. If they can maintain their top form, we can expect to see them make a deep run this weekend.

Geek Fam (MY)

The pride of Malaysia - Geek Fam haven’t looked too hot recently and start this tournament off on the wrong foot - in the lower bracket. With their backs against the wall, they have nowhere to go but forward. Can the team apply the lessons learned during their last big finish (2nd at MPL-MY/SG S5), and pull off a lower bracket run? Or will they crumble under the pressure of international competition? Look forward to cheeky moves from the king of taunts, Xorn!

Genflix Aerowolf (ID)

Unlike the other teams playing in the qualifiers, Genflix Aerowolf didn’t have a perfect group stage - in fact, they were one game away from not making the playoffs. However, they managed to get through and that’s what matters. Known for their early aggression in mid, this squad will have to refine their gameplay if they want to hang with the big boys - it’s going to be a tough road ahead.

Onic Esports (ID)

After a flawless group stage performance where they handily took out two Malaysian teams, Todak and Team SMG; and fellow countrymen, Aura Fire; Onic Esports looks like the scariest team in the lower bracket. They showed very little weaknesses during their matches and proved that they have the discipline to not throw away leads. Be sure to keep an eye out on CW and Antimage, their standout players.

Alter Ego Esports (ID)

The other team that didn't drop a group stage match, Alter Ego Esports have something to prove. The team recently acquired Udil who previously played for Onic Esports, and the final match of the first day is going to be a showdown between the two teams. Did Udil make the right decision? Are his ex-teammates going to make him pay? This is a clash you don’t want to miss!

MLBB talent predictions:

Thanks to Ikuto and Laphel for providing their valuable insight in the writing of this article. Catch them casting and analysing MPLI tomorrow, starting at 2pm (GMT +8) on eGG Network, Astro Arena (Malaysia only), or Facebook (Malay or English)!


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