PMPL MY/SG S2 Week 3: J8 Esports Soar to Third, N.E.D Brotherhood Takes Over Second

Posted by Bryan Terng on September 7, 2020

With one week of Regular Season left to go, tension runs high in the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Season 2. Minor trading placements happened in Week 3, with teams in the bottom half of the top 16 still within the risk zone of losing their seats to the League Finals.

Team Secret remain the top dogs for the third week in a row, with a 147-point headstart that pretty much guarantees their participation in the Finals. They currently have the highest number of Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCD), scoring one more - plus 107 kills - last week. However, instead of Geek Fam and Yoodo Gank, N.E.D Brotherhood and J8 Esports took over second and third place, respectively, with their exemplary performances. N.E.D had to rack up one WWCD and 172 points to make their way to the second-highest spot, whilst J8's amazing four-spot-jump comeback was contributed by two Chicken Dinners and 180 points.

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The top 3 teams aside, it's worth mentioning that Team SMG and PMNC 2020 (PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship) runner-ups TRX Elementus improved a fair bit as well. The former jumped from 10th to 7th place with an insane number of five WWCDs, making them the second-highest WWCD holder with seven in total, right behind Team Secret. The latter scored their first two Chicken Dinners in Week 3, giving them the boost they needed to get to 5th place.

If you’re interested to know detailed statistics on last week’s matches, you can check out the official PMPL MY/SG Season 2 website for such info.

PMPL MY/SG S2 features a total of 24 teams battling it out for the champions’ share of the US$150,000 total prize pool, as well as the best PUBG Mobile professional team title in the Malaysia and Singapore.

The fourth and final week of the PMPL MY/SG Season 2 Regular Season continues this Wednesday (9 September) at 4.30PM (GMT +8) until Sunday (13 September).

Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on PMPL-MY/SG S2.

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