PMPL MY/SG S3: Dingoz MPX are league champions, plus top 16 Country Finalists

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 14, 2021

PUBG Mobile esports fans across Malaysia and Singapore were treated with the most intriguing and exciting League Season thus far, with both top-tier and underdog teams playing at a higher level than ever before. By the end of it, Dingoz MPX emerged as the League Champions of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Season 3, a historical moment in PMPL MY/SG.

It was a tight competition against Team Secret and Geek Fam in the last few matches, but Dingoz MPX eventually held the lead with a four-point headstart by raking in 336 total points. As icing on the cake, support player Appy bagged the MVP title for Super Weekend 3, as well as the number one MVP player and second-best fragger throughout League Season.

As winners of the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 League Season, Dingoz MPX immediately qualified for the upcoming PMPL SEA Finals Season 3, to battle against the best team's in the Southeast Asian region, the likes of Bigetron RA and RRQ Athena.

But, the battle is far from over. Here are the top 16 teams who'll be duking it once more - well, 'thrice' to be specific, because it's a three-day epic finale - in the Country Finals:

  1. Dingoz MPX
  2. Team Secret
  3. Geek Fam
  4. Doktor Internet Taugeh Ayam Esports (Dr. TA)
  5. Anti Circle
  6. Team SMG
  7. Yoodo Gank
  8. J8 Esports
  9. EVOS ViP
  10. JenteraPejuang NSEA
  11. Al-Ikhlas R2K
  12. Iphonewanted LX
  13. Team Whales
  14. RSG MY
  15. Damansara Flash Vision
  16. Homebois

Amidst the sea of seasoned veterans, underdogs Dr TA and Anti Circle managed to penetrate the ranks and hold seats in the top 5. Though Dr. TA subsequently faltered after a powerhouse performance in Super Weekend 1, they played well enough to maintain their top seats. And Anti Circle, they improved as the League progressed, and we just might have the next miracle boy in the form of Harm, who was the number one fragger overall and in the Super Weekends, followed by Sniperman as the fifth best fragger overall.

He's super Harm-ful, getting 47 kills in Super Weekends alone.

All the former PMPL SEA Finalists did pretty well in the League Season too. Yoodo Gank played wonderfully in the first two Super Weekends, which softened the blow of being absent from Super Weekend 3; nevertheless, they still held seventh place without playing. Team Secret and Geek Fam gave Dingoz MPX a run for their money as well, and J8 Esports improved drastically from last season, bagging as many as three Chicken Dinners in the first Super Weekend alone. The aggressive Team SMG may not have played as outstandingly as before, but they still held their own well enough to place sixth.

And last but not least, it wouldn't be complete without mentioning the teams missing out on the Country Finals:

  1. Team Bosskurr
  2. Todak PUBGM
  3. TRX Esports
  4. N.E.D Brotherhood

Team Bosskurr may not have made it to the last round, but their levelled-up gameplay is noticeable - looks like having former coach Hannan at the helm was a good call. Even Todak PUBGM had some fantastic plays that are worth remembering, as well as TRX Esports, who made their professional debut this season. As for N.E.D Brotherhood, the new lineup isn't quite hitting the right marks yet, and their current performance is understandable, especially when they've lost many top-notch players like Eypul (Dingoz MPX), LUXXY98 (EVOS ViP), Atai (Damansara FV) and xSyko (Dr. TA) the past year.

Nevertheless, onwards to the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals, with US$56,200 of prize pool and two PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 slots left for the taking. Who will be the other top 2 teams to represent Malaysia at the regional series?

Catch the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals from 23 April at 5.30PM (GMT +8) onwards, LIVE on the PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube channel, as well as WeTV.

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