PMWL 2020 East: RRQ Athena dominates Super Weekend 1

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 20, 2020

The inaugural Super Weekend of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Spring Split 2020 Season Zero East Division has come and gone like the winds of Ghost of Tsushima (too out of place?). If there's anything we learnt from last weekend's action, it's that gameplay displayed during League Play isn't always the best indicator of the teams' true performances.

In contrast to their standings in League Play, RRQ Athena and Orange Rock seemingly swapped places during Super Weekend 1 - the Thai team took over the lead with an insane 99 kill volume and two Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCDs), while the latter settled for eighth place. Right on RRQ's heels are Indonesian powerhouse Bigetron RA - who managed to stay level-headed and maintain their consistency - and the champions of PMPL South Asia Spring Split 2020, GXR Celtz, placing second and third, respectively.

On the Malaysian side, Yoodo Gank is the first and only team to bag a whopping total of three WWCDs, not to mention that they retrieved those dinners three matches in a row on Super Weekend Day 1. Although the local favourites couldn't replicate the same awesome magic, Yoodo Gank still placed fourth but playing well enough. On the other hand, Team Secret stayed in 13th place, as they did during League Play. Despite their low placement, Team Secret's potential glimmered twice when they achieved top 3 and getting as many as six kills in two rounds. Time will tell if the BiuBiu-helmed squad will find their footing on time and stick to it for the League Finals from 6 - 9 August.

The PMWL 2020 East League Play continues tomorrow and Wednesday (21 and 22 July) at 8PM (GMT +8). Catch the PUBG Mobile esports thrill on eGG Network TV channel, plus Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to follow eGG Network on Facebook for more PMWL 2020 East coverage.


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