PMWL 2020 East: The top 16 teams entering League Finals, Bigetron RA rise to the top

Posted by Bryan Terng on August 3, 2020

And just like that, the final Super Weekend of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Spring Split 2020 Season Zero East Division is over, and we finally know which of our favourite teams managed to score a seat in the epic League Finals.

Here are the top 16 teams that have the chance to bag the championship title:

  1. Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  2. BOX Gaming (Vietnam)
  3. RRQ Athena (Thailand)
  4. King of Gamers Club (Thailand)
  5. Team Secret (Malaysia)
  6. TSM Entity (India)
  7. GXR Celtz (India)
  8. Valdus Esports (Thailand)
  9. MegaStars (India)
  10. Orange Rock (India)
  11. T1 (South Korea)
  12. TeamIND (India)
  13. Yoodo Gank (Malaysia)
  14. SynerGE (India)
  15. U Level Up (Taiwan)
  16. REJECT Scarlet (Japan)

Seeing the final standings at first glance, it's easy to be unsurprised that the current world champions of Bigetron RA sit at the throne with five Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCDs) and 522 total points earned during the Super Weekend phase. But, in reality, it was a tight competition between the Indonesian wonder team, RRQ Athena and BOX Gaming throughout Day 3 of Super Weekend 3. The latter Vietnamese team had a hearty helping of four WWCDs this weekend, which gave them a huge boost in the ladder, proving to be formidable foes to the Red Aliens.

Malaysia's very own Team Secret and Yoodo Gank successfully secured entries into the League Finals as well, placing fifth and 13th, respectively. Adding on to their awesome performance in Super Weekend 2, Team Secret cooked up two more WWCDs in a row last night, guaranteeing them a top 5 spot.

Although Yoodo Gank missed out on the second Super Weekend, it's impressive that they performed well enough last weekend to bag a seat in the grand finale, not to mention that they had a great start in Super Weekend 1 with three WWCDs and a top 5 placement.

The League Finals of PMWL 2020 East begins this Thursday (6 August) and will run for four days until Sunday (9 August), at 8PM (GMT +8) every day. The PUBG Mobile world event will be broadcast LIVE on eGG Network TV channel, or if you’re an online viewer, Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to follow eGG Network on Facebook for more PMWL 2020 East coverage.


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