Regular Season Completed: MPL-MY S7 Week 8 Results

Posted by George Wong on May 3, 2021

The Regular Season for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7 has finally come to an end. After eight gruelling weeks, we now know the teams that will be competing in the upcoming Playoffs. Firstly we'll have to bid farewell to two teams: Team Bosskurr and Reborn Esports, thanks for the entertaining games this season, but it wasn't enough.

Rundown of week:

  • Orange Esports vs Geek Fam (2-1)
  • Team SMG vs Team Bosskurr (2-0)
  • Team SMG vs Suhaz EVOS (0-2)
  • HomeBois vs Geek Fam (1-2)
  • Todak vs RED Esports (2-0)
  • Reborn Esports vs RSG MY (0-2)
  • Orange Esports vs Suhaz EVOS (0-2)
  • HomeBois vs Team Bosskurr (2-0)
  • Reborn Esports vs RED Esports (1-2)

Final standings:

Reborn Esports did pretty well in the group stages, finishing last week with the same match win percentage as two other teams (HomeBois and Team SMG). Unfortunately, just as skilled as the other two teams, one team of them had to go, and Reborn's additional game losses tipped the scales out of their favour, sending them packing this season. Perhaps we'll see them again at the next one.

For Team Bosskurr, it was much more cut and dry. The team only managed to win a single match this season and four games in total. The second last place, Geek Fam, wasn't even close with a 6-7 score. You could say that Group B was much more defined in terms of ranking since there were no ties, but it's no excuse for a team like Bosskurr who have a reputation to uphold. Needless to say, it's back to the drawing board for the team, or perhaps some significant roster changes.

For the rest of the teams - congratulations to Todak, Orange Esports, Team SMG, HomeBois, Suhaz EVOS, RSG MY, RED Esports and Geek Fam for making it to the Playoffs week. Todak and Suhaz EVOS led their respective groups with a 10-3 (77% win rate) score, followed by Orange Esports and RSG MY (8-5, 62% win rate), RED Esports (15-17, 54% win rate), Geek Fam (6-7, 46% win rate), Team SMG (16-18, 38% win rate) and HomeBois (14-18, 38% win rate).

Here is what the MPL-MY S7 playoff bracket looks like:

The action will resume on 28-30 May after a short break, so make sure you stay tuned to eGG Network TV to catch all the action live! Follow MPL-MY or us on Facebook for more updates.


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