RRQ crowned MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup champions

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on July 5, 2020

RRQ, the MPL Indonesia Season 5 champions, stomped to a 3-0 grand final victory over Resurgence to be crowned champions of the MPL Invitational Cup (MPLI) 2020. Remarkably, the squad did not drop a single game throughout the tournament - a testament to their undisputed status as the region's best MLBB team.

Earlier in the day, MPL-MY/SG Season 5 champions Resurgence defeated MPL Myanmar champions, Burmese Ghouls, 2-1, which earned them another opportunity to exact revenge over the dominant RRQ.

Although the Singaporean outfit yesterday lost to the Indonesian powerhouse, they looked much-improved and showed their own adaptability to the metagame and versatility, core components of RRQ's recent successes.

Despite Resurgence's confidence-boosting win over Burmese Ghouls earlier in the day, they were unable to cope with RRQ's quick rotations and near-flawless teamfight executions.

Game 1: RRQ win

Resurgence surprised their opponents, casters and viewers alike with a strange line-up, picking Hilda, Wanwan, Gusion and Johnson - heroes rarely seen in the current meta!

RRQ won the first teamfight in the third minute which established an early lead for them. From there, their superior teamfight composition helped Xin's Ling to consistently claim kill after kill. By the 7th minute, RRQ had an 8k gold lead, and despite RSG's best efforts, their cheese strategy failed to make a significant impact.

Xin's Ling diving into RSG's base for kills.

Game 2: RRQ win

Resurgence drafted a "regular" line-up, albeit without a hyper carrying Assassin or Marksman for ly4ly4ly4. Instead, they opted for a durable line-up with Esmeralda as their main damage dealer to counter Xin's Ling.

Nevertheless, the MPL-MY/SG champions failed to crack RRQ's resolve, falling to a 3k gold lead as early as the third minute. RRQ consistently stayed ahead of RSG throughout the game, winning little battles around the map. It didn't look like Resurgence offered a tough challenge as they were outmaneuvered in all the major teamfights.

An 11th minute Lord steal by ly4 and Kayzeepi gave them a reprieve, but RRQ's insurmountable lead put them 2-0 up in the series despite Resurgence's brave defense.

Game 3: RRQ win

RRQ showed how strong they are with a surprising Balmond pick for off laner R7. Despite having a hero regarded as irrelevant in the current meta, RRQ dominated Resurgence from start to finish. The Indonesian champions only lost one tower in the whole game.

At the 15th minute, RRQ were 10k ahead in the gold charts. After Resurgence took a bad teamfight just outside their base, RRQ swiftly pushed in and ended the series 3-0, and claiming the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup 2020 title.

With this victory, RRQ claim their second professional title in as many tournaments, deservedly being acclaimed as the best MLBB team in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2020. With the MLBB World Championship M2 scheduled to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia later this year, RRQ look like a strong contender if they keep up their current hot streak.


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