RRQ the first team to reach MPLI 4 Nation Cup grand final

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on July 4, 2020

The opening series of Day 2 of the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup (MPLI) 2020 was a mouth-watering affair between MPL-ID Season 5 champions RRQ and MPL-MY/SG Season 5 champions Resurgence. Both teams maintained their championship-winning line-up and for fans, it was a chance to see how close (or wide) is the gap between the two MPL regions.

Game 1

The series started with a drafting masterclass from RRQ, who outwitted RSG with an Assassin-less line-up against Resurgence's more conventional draft.

Resurgence were perhaps banking too much on Ly4's Ling, who never reached the critical mass needed to take over the game. Instead, it was Xin's combat Esmeralda which controlled the game from start to finish, ending with an impressive 9/1/6 KDA score. Noteworthy too was Lemon's playmaking prowess on a dangerous Kaja.

It was a relatively straightforward series for the MPL-ID Season 5 champions, who took the win in just 12 and a half minutes.

Game 2

The Singapore outfit needed a confidence booster and surprised the panel with a Hilda pick. They were off the blocks in the second game, with Jason's Luo Yi dominating the mid lane and the early stages of the game.

Despite being behind, RRQ stole the four and a half minute turtle to pull ahead of the MPL-MY/SG Season 5 champions.

Lemon's performance on Uranus was simply flawless.

Resurgence held on bravely, but RRQ were just two or three steps ahead of their opponents. Lemon's Uranus and R7's Chou wreaked havoc all over the map, severely disrupting Resurgence's teamfight ability and getting kills along the way.

But RRQ's march to the grand finals have inevitable, and they wrapped up the game after just 15 minutes despite Resurgence's best efforts.

With this win, RRQ become the first team to reach the grand final of three consecutive official MLBB tournaments (M1 2019, MPL-ID Season 5, MPLI 2020).

The other matches of the day include Burmese Ghouls vs Geek Fam, EVOS Legends vs ONIC, with the final series between the winners of these two matches.

Fans can catch the MPLI action live on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, Facebook or YouTube.


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