Sem9 Acquires Berjaya Dragons, Announces New Wild Rift Roster

Posted by George Wong on November 18, 2021

It looks like Berjaya Corporation is leaving the esports scene for good. Yesterday, SEM9 announced its acquisition of Berjaya Esports Sdn Bhd, which includes all their assets such as the Berjaya Esports teams. Moving forward, the teams will be rebranded as SEM9, and with this change, they also took the opportunity to announce their new Wild Rift squad. Most of the players are familiar faces with one interesting addition - OzoraVeki (formerly Geek Fam, formerly Alliance SG) will be returning to Malaysia to play for them. BJD and Geek Fam are each other's biggest rivals locally, so it'll be interesting to see how this team plays out and if the competition remains. The other players on the team are ArrHedge, Sagi, Chilly and Winter.

ArrHedge, OzoraVeki, Chilly, Sagi, Winter

This purchase also gives SEM9 a ticket into the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series and though nothing has been officially announced, it looks like they'll be rebuilding the squad. Perhaps an all-Malaysian team for the upcoming season? Who knows. The SEM9 hype train is going full speed ahead and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon. Maybe we'll see a Dota 2 team from them next!  What do you think of the new SEM9 Wild Rift team?


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