The full list of teams competing in PMWL 2020

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 8, 2020

The end is near with the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Season Zero 2020, which will conclude the ongoing Spring Split season of PUBG Mobile esports.

It's not an exaggeration to proclaim that the 40 of the world's best PUBG Mobile esports teams - 20 each for East and West - will be lock horns against each other in their respective divisions of PMWL 2020, over the champion's share of US$850,000 total prize pool and the title as the top PUBG Mobile esports team. Although PMWL 2020 will be held in an online format to prevent further spread of COVID-19, we're certain that the tension remains as thrilling as its live tournaments.

(GMT +8)

The pair of PMWL 2020 divisions will run separately in three stages: Opening Weekend, League Phase (comprising League Play and Super Weekend) and the League Finals. Team performances in the Opening Weekend determine their group placements - five groups of four - in the three-week League Phase. Points earned during League Play will determine the top 16 who will progress to Super Weekend, with points accumulated during Super Weekend counting towards their league standings and entry into the Finals. Only the top 16 teams will advance to the epic conclusion, held separately for the East and West divisions.

Here are full list of teams participating in PMWL 2020:


  • Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  • Morph Team (Indonesia)
  • Team Secret (Malaysia)
  • Yoodo Gank (Malaysia)
  • RRQ Athena (Thailand)
  • King of Gamers Club (Thailand)
  • Valdus Esports (Thailand)
  • BOX Gaming (Vietnam)
  • GXR Celtz (India)
  • MegaStars (India)
  • TeamIND (India)
  • Orange Rock (India)
  • TSM Entity (India)
  • Nova GodLike (India)
  • SynerGE (India)
  • U Level Up (Taiwan)
  • T1 (South Korea)
  • REJECT Scarlet (Japan)
  • Free Style (Pakistan)
  • NoChanceTeam (Mongolia)


  • Futbolist (Turkey)
  • Cloud9 (America)
  • Tempo Storm (America)
  • Wildcard Gaming (America)
  • Pittsburgh Knights (America)
  • SNT (Middle East)
  • Alpha Legends (Middle East)
  • Yalla Esports (MENA)
  • Headquarters (Saudi Arabia)
  • Swat69 (Saudi Arabia)
  • DreamEaters (Russia)
  • Team Unique (Russia)
  • Loops Esports (Brazil)
  • B4 Esports (Brazil)
  • FRAG Machines (Iraq)
  • X Quest Gaming (China)
  • Team Umbra (Germany)
  • Team Queso (Spain)
  • UDR Killers (Spain)
  • Konina Power (CIS)

PMWL 2020 East will begin on 10 July at 8PM (GMT +8), with the Grand Finals concluding the global competition on 9 August. The East division will be broadcast on the eGG Network TV channel, although Internet users can also catch the action on Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to follow eGG Network on Facebook for more PMWL 2020 East coverage.


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