Undefeated: Todak Win MPL-MY/SG S6

Posted by George Wong on October 26, 2020

After the amazing performance from the team during the regular season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (MPL-MY/SG), expectations were high for Todak to maintain their form during the playoffs and boy, did they deliver! Not only did they go on to win the whole competition, but they also kept their undefeated streak going! A notable achievement since they're the first team to ever pull off this incredible feat.

Before MPL-MY/SG S6, the team couldn't even make it past the group stage of the MLBB Pro League Invitational back in June. According to our interview with their manager, Ashi, it was due to the lack of time for their new players to build chemistry with the existing ones. What a difference the past few months have made!

At the press conference after the interview, Todak's Fighter/Tank player, Xray addressed the topic of team chemistry by revealing that the team spent a lot of time together to prepare for the tournament. They lived together in the same house, ate together and so on - they did everything as a team. Todak also thanked Ashi, as his guidance was crucial in helping the team make decisions together, which led to substantial improvements in their performance.

Grand Finals Recap

The Grand Finals of MPL-MY/SG S6 took place yesterday and was one of the most interesting matches we had the pleasure of spectating. Reminiscent of Season 4’s grand finals which featured the same teams (but different players), the pressure was on Todak to maintain their winning streak in the tournament, and EVOS SG to win a second MPL title.

Game 1

Moments before the final push

Todak were down for the whole game, while EVOS SG maintained control of the whole map until they were wiped attempting a push into the base of Todak. Immediately, Todak seized the opportunity to run down mid and end the game before all of EVOS SG’s heroes could respawn.

Game 2

Carried on the back of Ciku who never lost his cool - his amazing performance on Ling outmanoeuvred the whole of EVOS SG by split pushing to force them to deal with the lane pressure and then leaping to the other side of the map to join team fights. EVOS SG never had an answer for the slippery assassin. Eventually, 2 deaths in a row for Pokemon's Esmerelda meant that Todak had a ticket into their opponent’s base to easily end the game.

Game 3

EVOS SG showing signs of life

It was comeback time for EVOS SG who maintained firm control of the game from start to finish. The breaking point for Todak came when EVOS SG’s Potato who had been left alone, split pushed all the way to take out Todak’s bottom inhibitor. This lead to Todak splitting up their forces, leading to an unfavourable team fight, and subsequent game loss. EVOS proved that they weren’t out of the Grand Finals yet.

Game 4

Todak dominated despite being one inhibitor down

For the fourth game of the match, Todak rounded up their draft with an uncommon Atlas pick. EVOS SG played a similar game to the previous one, focusing on split pushing and taking out Todak’s bottom inhibitor at 8 minutes. However, that didn’t deter Todak from maintaining their aggression across the map. After a decisive team fight in the mid-game, they quickly secured Lord and pushed into EVOS SG’s base to win the game.

The New Champions

Todak defeated EVOS SG 3-1 to secure themselves the MPL-MY/SG S6 title. The team remains undefeated (in 12 matches) from start to finish of the whole season. With their very first MPL trophy in the bag, and their sights set on international competition, we're very interested in seeing if the Malaysian squad can keep this performance up. Considering how young the current line up of Todak is, we have a feeling that this victory is only the beginning.

MPL-MY/SG S6 might be over, but we've got plenty of news and updates on MLBB in the future, remember to stay tuned to eGG Network to be in the know!


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