Valorant: Patch 1.10 arrives, plus esports updates

Posted by Bryan Terng on October 14, 2020

Valorant Act 3 is finally here, and along with it the 1.10 update. Although new Agent Skye hasn't arrived yet to give Riot Games time to refine the existing experience, at least we have a cool new map to play in. Some of the 1.10 updates have already been covered in our Act 3 coverage, including Icebox map (except for some minor fixes though) and competitive, so we'll brief you on the rest.

Icebox fixes

  • Early in this patch, Unrated players will get placed in Icebox more often.
  • Ascenders (Ropes) / Ziplines
    • Acceleration adjusted to prevent sudden shifts in direction.
    • Added weapon tagging when shot while on Ascenders.


  • Increased player count from 10 to 14.
  • With more players in one arena, the spawning algorithm has been updated to encourage safer spawns.
  • Removed periodic location pulse, and now you'll only receive a pulse right upon respawning.
  • Increased match length: first to 40 kills (instead of 30), time limit stretched to nine minutes (previously six).
  • Kill Reloads: On every kill, players get an automatic, immediate full reload of their active weapon (Ares & Odin get 30 bullets back).
  • XP gain increased from 500 to 900 XP.


You can check out the official Valorant website for a full, detailed rundown of Patch 1.10.

But, that's not all. On the esports side, Riot Games SEA unveiled its 2021 esports and collegiate competitive blueprint for its tactical shooter, comprising regional tournaments that serve as platforms for aspiring Valorant professional players across Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These competitions will be made possible through collaborations with various esports organisations in the region, who will also run merit-based qualifiers for the global series Valorant First Strike, including:

  • Philippines: Mineski Philippines (Registration starts 14 October)
  • Thailand: ESL (14 October onwards)
  • Indonesia: ONE Up (14 October onwards)
  • Malaysia/Singapore: The Gaming Company MY and SG (17 October )
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: Talon (1 November onwards)

The next known Valorant tournament to happen soon is the Valorant Pacific Open+, in partnership with Logitech. 14 teams across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand will rise from their respective two-day Qualifiers and advance to the main event, where they'll be joined by two invited teams at the Finals to fight for the US$20,000 prize pool and premium Logitech equipment.

Registration is absolutely free, ending on 7 November. The Qualifiers will take place on 14 and 15 November. Click here to register.

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