Wild Rift: Horizon Cup - All You Need To Know

Posted by George Wong on October 28, 2021

With the end of the year in sight (can you believe that it's already November next week?) it's almost time for the biggest Wild Rift tournament for 2021 - the Horizon Cup. Taking place at the Suntech Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore, this will be the first time we get international Wild Rift offline. With the regional qualifiers completed, we now know the 10 teams that will be playing:

Group A

Group B

  • Thunder Talk Gaming ??
  • Team Secret ??
  • Team Queso ??
  • Sengoku Gaming ??
  • eBRO Gamiung ??

While we haven't seen much of the teams out of Southeast Asia, it's going to be interesting to see how we fare against them. After all, League of Legends has been dominated by China and Korea for the longest time - they should be top tier in Wild Rift as well right? It's great seeing mobile esports getting more prominent in the west, perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Let's see how they do in the tournament. The competitors will be fighting for a share of the USD 500,000 prize pool and title of best Wild Rift team in the world.

Format and Schedule

Group Stage: 13-17 November

The teams will be split into two groups of 5 and will play a single round-robin of best-of-three matches. The top 3 teams from each group will move on to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage: 19-21 November

1st place teams from the Group Stage will be placed in the semifinals, while 2nd and 3rd will have to play a best-of-five against a team from the other group. Winners move on to the semifinals to play for a slot in the grand final. The grand final will be a best-of-seven affair.

  • Groups: 13 - 17 November, 6 PM
  • Quarterfinals: 19 November, 6 PM
  • Semi finals: 20 November, 6PM
  • Finals: 21 November, 8PM

Detailed Schedule

Group Stage (Best of 3)

13 November, 2021

  • [DKG] Da Kun Gaming vs [SE] SBTC Esports 
  • [EBG] eBRO Gaming vs [TQ] Team Queso 
  • [TS] Team Secret vs [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming 
  • [TSM] TSM vs [TRB] Tribe Gaming 

14 November, 2021

  • [SG] Sengoku Gaming vs [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming 
  • [RY] Rolster Y vs [SE] SBTC Esports 
  • [DKG] Da Kun Gaming vs [TSM] TSM 
  • [TS] Team Secret vs [EBG] eBRO Gaming 

15 November, 2021

  • [EBG] eBRO Gaming vs [SG] Sengoku Gaming 
  • [TQ] Team Queso vs [TS] Team Secret 
  • [TSM] TSM vs [RY] Rolster Y
  • [TRB] Tribe Gaming vs [DKG] Da Kun Gaming 

16 November, 2021

  • [SE] SBTC Esports vs [TRB] Tribe Gaming 
  • [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming vs [TQ] Team Queso 
  • [RY] Rolster Y vs [DKG] Da Kun Gaming 
  • [SG] Sengoku Gaming vs [TS] Team Secret 

17 November, 2021

  • [TQ] Team Queso vs [SG] Sengoku Gaming 
  • [TT] Thunder Talk Gaming vs [EBG] eBRO Gaming
  • [SE] SBTC Esports vs [TSM] TSM 
  • [TRB] Tribe Gaming vs [RY] Rolster Y 

Quarterfinals (Best of 5)

19 November, 2021

  • Match 1 - To be determined 
  • Match 2 - To be determined 

Semifinals (Best of 5)

20 November, 2021

  • Match 1 - To be determined 
  • Match 2 - To be determined 

Finals (Best of 7)

21 November, 2021

  • Finals Match - To be determined

All dates and times in GMT +8

Where to Watch

Stay tuned to Wild Rift Esports or eGG Network for all the latest news and updates! More info.


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