Wild Rift: Horizon Cup Group Stage Results

Posted by George Wong on November 18, 2021

The past week has been pretty exciting for Wild Rift fans, with the group stage of the Horizon Cup playing out. Turns out eastern teams are pretty good at the game! Then again, we did get access to the game before the west. We've got some good news - SEA representatives, SBTC Esports and Team Secret have made it through groups and bad news - they'll be eliminating each other in the quarterfinals this weekend.  If either team had won or lost an additional match in the group stage, this could have all been avoided but alas, we'll be getting a rematch of the Wild Rift SEA Championship.

The other teams that made it through are Da Kun Gaming and ThunderTalk Gaming from China -  they haven't lost a single series yet, which puts them as favourites to win the whole tournament. With China winning Worlds this year, can they repeat the success of their countrymen at this event? Making it to the other half of the bracket are Japan's Sengoku Gaming and Korea's Rolster Y.  Sengoku was pretty shaky, going 2-2 (5-5) in groups, while KT Rolster had a better 3-1 (7-3) record.

With the playoffs being single-elimination best-of-five until the grand finals, anything can happen, and we're excited to watch it all unfold. Catch the action live on eGG Network TV, Twitch, Facebook or YouTube, from 19-21 November, 6 PM (GMT+8) onwards. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates.



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