Epic Games MetaHuman Creator Will Let You Make Realistic Humans – in Your Browser!

Epic Games MetaHuman Creator Will Let You Make Realistic Humans – in Your Browser!

Ever wondered what it would be like to create a digital human being? Normally it would require weeks or months of work to make something remotely decent but Epic Games aims to slash down that time frame by a bit. The company recently showed off its new browser-based app – MetaHuman Creator, which will allow people to create impressive-looking human beings in under an hour.

Another feature of MetaHuman Creator is that it will run on your browser using Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming technology. Just create your human beings, export them, and they’re good to go in Unreal Engine. You can animate them through other software like Live Link, ARKit, Faceware and so on, or manually keyframe them. The same animations can also be easily translated to other MetaHumans, cutting down even more time when it comes to animating a whole cast of characters.

Based on the preview video, the app looks easy enough to use, reminiscent of those detailed character creators you find in games like NBA 2K or Fallout, but much more realistic, of course! We can’t wait to see what these characters will be used for in the coming months and years.

MetaHuman Creator is still a ways away, but it will be out in Early Access within the next few months. In the meantime, Epic Games has made two fully finished sample characters for users to explore, modify and use on Unreal Engine 4.26.1 and later. Download them from the Unreal Engine Store for free.

Find out more details about MetaHuman Creator here. Check out another trailer below.

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