Era of the Geeks & Vanadise: A love for video games and each other

Posted by Bryan Terng on January 31, 2020

Han and Vanadise may come from two different worlds, but that's how they learned to better themselves for one another and for their streams.

The harsh light of a monitor reflecting onto a lone gamer’s face that’s devoid of any emotions - that’s probably the first impression some have about gaming. In reality, video games possess the power to connect people through their shared fondness for the medium. From online fandoms to gaming conventions, bonds are forged through passionate discourse over the community’s love for games. And where there’s bond, there’s love, prevalent in the way streamer couple, Vanadise and Era of the Geeks’ Han, eye each other.

“I thought things would change after we got married, but it’s still as fun as it’s always been,” chirped Cecelia “Vanadise“ Gallardo. Like any relationship, theirs is a bumpy road of ups and downs. Although disagreements connote negativity, Vanadise thinks otherwise, as long as they’re handled properly. “Han and I actually get closer together after resolving them,” she said, with Han adding, “It’s all about teamwork.”

Greatness from small beginnings

Although the two have been sharing a life, they still stuck to their routine of streaming PUBG Mobile on their respective pages. And the two streamers couldn’t be any different from each other - Vanadise’s persona on-stream is a little more reserved yet welcoming, while Han is the boisterous one with his fans. Believe it or not, Han was pretty reticent before he became a streamer.

“I was very conscious about my big forehead, so it affected my self-esteem,” Mohamed Farhan “Han” bin Johari recollected. He learned to embrace his unique facial feature during his stint as an air steward, a job where exuding confidence is key; he mustered up the courage to cut his hair short to aid with the process too. This, combined with his love for gaming, helped him venture forth into the uncharted territory of streaming.

Vanadise - who went through a similar roadblock sans forehead - chimed in with her own experience, citing her introversion as an obstacle when she started streaming in 2015, “It took me a while before I put the camera in front of me during streams.” The Brunei-born gamer overcame her camera shyness by funneling all her attention towards interacting with her fans, gaming and staying true to herself, which she believed contributed to her current success. “Try your best and be yourself, people will notice,” she said.

Against all odds

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Vanadise after overcoming these hurdles. There were times when she wasn’t in the mood to stream (which she did anyway), some of her fans actually picked up on the change in her body language and asked about her wellbeing. It may not seem much, but it did wonders to lift the Filipino gamer’s spirits and appreciate her audience more - one of many fruits reaped from her authenticity and hard work. The road of a streamer is not to be underestimated, and Han’s path is no exception either.

With a love for content creation, Han tried his hands at producing tech review videos in 2016 while working at a computer shop owned by fellow PUBG Mobile streamer and friend, Afiq 'chii' Afzainizam. Wanting to explore other fulfilling ways to make ends meet, Han experimented streaming on various platforms for some time before settling on Facebook Gaming, where he got his well-deserved attention.

“I found inspiration for my streaming style by watching popular streamers, adopting the elements that propelled them to success,” the Johor Bahru native revealed. “My motto is, ‘If anybody can do it, I can do it too.’” Han attributed his newfound success to the discipline and constant crusade for self-improvement instilled by his father, who was in the army. And it’s thanks to these traits that he got to where he is today.

It's in the game

Though streaming PUBG Mobile propelled the couple to the next level, the pair wants to stream different games in the near future. Having streamed shooters, ARMA 3Dead Island and story-driven games in her earlier years, Vanadise wishes to return to her roots for a change in scenery, especially when she’s been streaming the battle royale shooter for a few months now. “I want to enjoy my games more again, which is my new year’s resolution,” Vanadise admitted. With Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice as one of the latest out-of-the-box games she streamed, it looks like the future is already here.

Her husband, on the other hand, was actually known for streaming the PC version of PUBG before he moved to Mobile, but it’s a different story altogether during Han’s free time. “I love city-building games. I used to play Sim City and Kingdoms and Castles a lot,” the science enthusiast said with a smile. “Maybe I’ll stream Final Fantasy VII Remake,” he enthused, who also loves story games.

Despite streaming on individual platforms, creating content as a couple isn’t out of the question for Han and Vanadise. “We’ve streamed with each other plenty of times so far, but we’ll definitely explore doing content together,” said the male half. The two are still throwing balls around for ideas, but this writer has no doubt about the future this lovely couple has for their content. “We can’t please everyone, but we don’t have to,” Vanadise added with finality.

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