ESL MY Championship CODM Season 1: Conserving ammunition

ESL MY Championship CODM Season 1: Conserving ammunition

Mar 18, 2020 San Joe Kim  

COVID-19 postpones yet another esports tournament.

There have been many developments over the past few days in the esports world as a result of the COVID-19 situation. Several tournament organizers have resorted to postponing their tournaments till further notice. The ESL Malaysia Championship 2020 CODM Season 1 is no exception as they have also recently announced the postponement of their tournament playoffs event to a later date.

Official statement from ESL Malaysia.

It goes without saying that everyone should continue to remain calm and stay indoors as much as possible throughout this period. Practise good hygiene and stay safe everyone!

Fans and players can keep an eye out for more updates at ESL Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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