EVOS Esports boosts Malaysian esports with FSA Esports Management Academy

EVOS Esports boosts Malaysian esports with FSA Esports Management Academy

Mar 13, 2020 San Joe Kim  

The organization will provide internship opportunities to prospective youths who wish to enter the esports industry.

Ever wanted to get your feet wet in esports? Look no further, as there will be additional internship opportunities for FSA Esports Management Academy graduates, courtesy of EVOS Esports. The two have just announced a year-long partnership to provide graduates with a prospective career pathway into the esports industry.

In lieu of the newly established EVOS Malaysia division, said academy graduates will be offered interview opportunities, providing a platform for successful applicants to put their accrued theories and knowledge to the test in real world scenarios.

EVOS Esports CEO, Ivan Yeo (left) and FSA Esports Management Academy Co-Founder and Programme Lead, Mervyn Lai (right) look to provide more opportunities for youths to get involved in esports.

“We are here to build the Malaysian esports ecosystem,” said EVOS Esports CEO Assistant, Matthew Chan. He added that in order to achieve this, it would require facilitating the growth of the generations to come that are passionate about esports.

The EVOS Esports management personnel will also teach a class during the FSA Esports Management Academy’s curriculum.

For more details, visit the FSA Esports Management Academy’s website.

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