EVOS Esports Picks up Armaggeddon Sponsorship

EVOS Esports Picks up Armaggeddon Sponsorship

EVOS Esports, the organization which fields multiple games like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and Free Fire in the Southeast Asia region, has announced a new sponsorship from Singapore-based gaming gear manufacturer, Armaggeddon. Thanks to this new sponsorship, their Malaysian and Singaporean teams will be decked out with full livestreaming kits which include Armaggeddon PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice and headsets – equipment for their players to stream and create content with.

In exchange, EVOS Esports will be producing exclusive videos highlighting Armaggeddon’s products, integrate the brand with the EVOS Esports jersey, and participate in online community engagement events with their fans and interactive social media campaigns.

Looking forward to more content from the squads with their new equipment! Also, stay tuned to eGG Network this Saturday for a very special interview we carried out with the boys from EVOS VIP, the Malaysian PUBG Mobile squad, in a very special location!

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