Exclusive Ceb Interview - The Major Comeback

Posted by Nadzreen on March 22, 2023

For fans starving for action from the two-time The International Dota 2 Championships winner, you can still watch Sebastian “Ceb” Debs, co-founder and two-time The International Dota 2 Championships winner with OG Esports is releasing a documentary about the legend himself, titled “A Major Comeback”.

The documentary will tell us the story of how Ceb came out of retirement as a stand-in for OG Esports in the Stockholm Major. Although the old guards weren’t on the roster anymore, Ceb managed to lead four youngbloods to dominate and win the championship, all while playing a new role transitioning from the Offlane role to the Support role.

eGG is here to bring you an exclusive interview with Sebastian “Ceb” Debs to talk about the documentary!

eGG: Why of all times you chose to release a documentary this year? Is there anything specific you would like to promote, or is it a message you are coming back to the pro scene?

Ceb: Uhm, no I think it’s not a message that I am coming back, but there was a film crew with the team at the Stockholm Major at the beginning to the end, they were with us backstage from A to Z, plus ESL also shared in-game communication footages with us, so we realised all the assets were there to make a full-access backstage documentary for the fans about the Stockholm Major run. A little bit like True Sight (the Valve Dota 2 documentary), actually. 

In that sense, we felt that it is going to be awesome to put something together and to give something back to the Dota 2 community.

eGG: Can you tell us what this documentary is about and when will it be released to the public?

Ceb: It was released on the 16th of March, time I am not so sure but check OG Esports socials for the timings. It will be about Stockholm Major, run of the team basically. How did OG go through the tournament and then winning it. A lot of things happened throughout the tournament, a lot of games, a lot of highs and lows. I think this gives a super exciting outlook on what it is to be a part of the team during one of these Major tournaments, and how the team ended up winning the championship, that’s what the documentary is about.

Obviously, the documentary will have a big focus on myself, as I was returning from being inactive at that time, so there's going to be some cool features on myself as a competitor.

eGG: Esports social media management has been riddled with toxicity, since players generally try to mimic their idols, players and teams. Do you think this is one of the reasons why Dota 2 is unwelcoming to outsiders?

Ceb: Hmm, I think ya you have a good point. I don’t know how unwelcoming Dota is, I think we usually say that aloud but I think we have examples for example Grubby, he’s a very active streamer where he do not find the Dota 2 community that unwelcoming, and he also gave a fresh outlook like “guys it isn’t as bad as you guys say.” Maybe the fact that we kept saying it's unwelcoming makes it unwelcoming, so we should stop saying that.

As for the social media management from teams, I 100% agree with you and I really dislike that. At OG, we try to not be like that at all, we try to lead by example. Of course banter is nice, it’s a part of gaming and competition. If I am going to play football with my friends, of course we are going to taunt each other a little bit. However, there is a difference between being funny and being toxic. I think toxicity has no place anywhere, not just Esports.

I highly encourage people in OG at least to always stay respectful. Pre-game banter is cool, but once the game is done it isn’t about the game anymore since the game is… done. Now it’s you making fun of individuals and teams and that is not cool. I think making fun banter up to the game is cool to spice it up, that’s part of the show, but I am usually not a fan of what comes after, as that’s a free for all. I would like to see that also change, as a player and viewer.

eGG: Thank you for the detailed answer. This will be our last question – Since you mentioned you will be coming back to the pro scene, what are your expectations on the new team?

Ceb: I wouldn’t call this a comeback to say, right now we are just trying to get through the qualifiers, this is the first step and there’s nothing else. We just want to get into the Dota Pro Circuit so we can play some DPC games and pick up some steam from there.

Sebastian “Ceb” Debs, who is playing for Old G and was a player on OG Esports which holds the only world record of having two consecutive tournament wins in the International Dota 2 Championships, launched a hour-long documentary in conjunction with Red Bull Gaming about his run with the team at the Stockholm Major.
The documentary was released on the 16th of March. Dive deep into Ceb’s thoughts by watching the documentary right now on Red Bull Gaming’s Youtube Channel at [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZYfbBw7Mo0]


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