Facebook Gaming booms in Malaysia

Facebook Gaming booms in Malaysia

May 13, 2020 Bryan "soupykambing" Terng  

The Facebook gaming platform added new ways to bring streamers and viewers closer during the Ramadan season.

In a time when we’re encouraged to stay home and curb the COVID-19 disease, most of us have been flocking towards digital content to better cope with the situation, namely video game streams. And with the popularity of gaming in Malaysia, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the fastest growing markets for Facebook Gaming, in both the Southeast Asian region and the world.

Michael Rose (Head of SEA, APAC Games Partnership at Facebook) shared the following info in a Facebook Gaming online conference yesterday.

Over the past year, the total viewership count for Facebook Gaming has seen a whopping 87% growth in Malaysia alone, along with 20.7 million Stars given out by viewers to support streamers last April. Recognising Malaysians’ fervour for streaming and the popularity of local streamers such as Soloz and Yana Samsudin, the gaming platform is determined to nurture its growth in the country and enhance the experiences of both viewers and streamers.

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In the spirit of Ramadan, Facebook Gaming introduced new ways to bring streamers and supporters closer during this festive season. They include the addition of Ramadan-themed overlays and virtual presents for fans to gift streamers, friendly PUBG Mobile tournaments between streamers, and even the #BukaGeng initiative where viewers can buka puasa (break fast) with their favourite Creators every weekend via streaming.

“A lot of people are stuck at home this Ramadan looking for entertainment,” said Yana in the recent Facebook Gaming online conference. “There are a lot of people who don’t play games, they just want to watch us game. It’s a two-way interaction that I think is brilliant on Facebook Gaming; us streamers are happy playing games, and our viewers are happy watching us play too.” She opined that streaming also helps minimise citizens’ movements during the CMCO (conditional movement control order) period in Malaysia.

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