Facebook Gaming Creators collaborate with rapper Lil J for Kuala Loco music video

Facebook Gaming Creators collaborate with rapper Lil J for Kuala Loco music video

Jan 28, 2021 Bryan "soupykambing" Terng  

Who said gamers can’t be musicians? Certainly not these four Facebook Gaming Creators (Mohamad Faizal “Jaasuzuran” bin Ahmad, Adam Faiz “Spartanker” bin Isa, Ku Izwan “Chiko” bin Ku Majid, and Hadi Afiq “Paroi” bin Mohammad Tahir, who teamed up with Malaysian rapper/songwriter, Lil J, to come up with a music video for their very own original song, Kuala Loco

“The meaning of the song is to teach ourselves to be humble when we’re successful, and to be nice to everyone when we reach the top,” said Jaasuzuran (or Jaa, as he’s fondly called), on behalf of the group. 

The video game content creator originally wrote Kuala Loco – with the help of Spartanker, Chiko and Paroi – as a theme song for their Grand Theft Auto Online private server (also named Kuala Loco), where the rest of the gang stream in regularly. Interestingly enough, Jaa said that some of the lyrics in Kuala Loco are based on true stories from their personal lives, though he didn’t point out which. “You’d have to listen to it to find out for yourself,” he said, winking.

(Left to right: Spartanker, Jaasuzuran, Lil J, Paroi and Chiko)

When they released the original song, it was so well received by fans that they felt a music video for Kuala Loco is in order. However, they’ve never filmed a music video before, so it was quite challenging for them. “Especially so when we had to dance to the beat, not to mention that I got a little embarrassed because the crew was watching us,” Jaasuzuran shared with a chuckle.

One can’t help but wonder: will this be the only musical endeavour that the squad will produce? “If the response is good, Insyaallah, we will be excited to do so.”

Jaasuzuran, Spartanker, Chiko and Paroi will premier and react to Kuala Loco’s music video tomorrow (29 January) at 8PM (GMT +8) on their respective Facebook Gaming pages, so don’t miss it!

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